Marketing Cloud Webinar-Balancing the Art and Science of Customer Marketing

Marketing Cloud Webinar-Balancing the Art and Science of Customer Marketing

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Are you as a marketer looking to deliver a truly superior customer experience? Do you want to gain more control over your online brand? Are you looking for ways to make your business’s marketing plan stand out from the crowd? Well, you’ve just landed at the right place! Get answers to all your questions.

Join industry experts from Cloud Analogy to access effective marketing strategies to enhance your online brand. In this webinar, Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and Founder of Cloud Analogy, and Nitish Bhardwaj, the Chief Information Officer at Cloud Analogy, will guide you on how Salesforce Marketing Cloud optimizes marketing campaigns, leverages real-time insights, and improves organizational strategies to drive growth and increases the ROI of your marketing investments.The webinar titled Marketing Cloud-Balancing the Art and Science of Customer Marketing will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2020, at 8:30 PM IST/3:00 PM GMT.

This interactive and engaging webinar will help you understand the importance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and how this platform helps marketers comprehend, personalize, and engage across every customer touchpoint and allow them to work smartly with new levels of data insights.

If you are a Marketing Manager, Marketing Head, Product Manager, Sales Reps,  Admin and Consultant, you shouldn’t miss out on this webinar. 

It will cover all the topics listed below:

  • Leveraging the features and capabilities of the Marketing Cloud to increase visibility and profit across different channels.
  • How the Marketing Cloud capabilities will give you access to invaluable insights into customer behavior, customer journeys, and actionability?
  • How top brands successfully personalize experiences and acquire new customers?
  • Why personalization matters when it comes to marketing your business?
  • Improving existing customer experience through segmentation
  • Achieving a people-based marketing strategy
  • All about Marketing Cloud AmpScript, Data Extension, Query, Journey Builder, and more!

Join us as our experts would be glad to answer any questions, best-practice, and how-to questions live! This is your chance to talk with Salesforce experts and to learn from industry experts. Limited seats. Register today

About the host:

Ajay Dubedi

Ajay Dubedi, the founder and CEO of Cloud Analogy, is a prominent Salesforce Sales, Service, and Marketing cloud Consultant with rich expertise in handling challenging business models. 

Nitish Bhardwaj

Nitish Bhardwaj is the Chief Information Officer at Cloud Analogy with extensive experience in enterprise IT strategy & development, project contracting and negotiations, and Business Relationship Management.

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If you grab more details about the webinar, check it out right here. If you have any queries or want to ask anything, please feel free to get in touch with us at Don’t forget to register, it’s time to grab the amazing learning opportunity. 

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Akshay Dhiman

Chief Technical Officer
Akshay Dhiman, the CTO of Cloud Analogy, has been a standout and successful Salesforce Platform Developer for years. He has a rich experience in Salesforce Integration, JavaScript, APEX, VisualForce, Sites, Batch Processing, Lightning, PHP, C++, Java, NodeJs, ReactJs, Angular 8, GraphQL, React Native, Web Technology, and jQuery.

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