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Getting Started With Zoho SalesIq Integration With Zoho Desk

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As a business owner, do you want to revolutionize how your sales, marketing, and support teams engage with your website visitors? Say hello to Zoho SalesIQ, the ultimate solution for digital customer engagement.

With a plethora of features, including live chat, website visitor tracking, and analytics, SalesIQ empowers your sales, marketing, and support teams to effectively engage with website visitors at each phase of their customer journey.

Zoho SalesIQ, combined with Zoho Desk, a robust customer support solution, offers a powerful combination to streamline customer interactions and enhance overall satisfaction & productivity. 

Want to learn the step-by-step process of integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Desk to unlock a seamless workflow that empowers your sales, marketing, and support teams.?

In the blog, we will cover:

  • Zoho Desk Introduction
  • Benefits of SalesIQ
  • Why SalesIQ?
  • Features of SalesIQ
  • Benefits Of Integrating Zoho SalesIQ With Zoho Desk
  • How to Setup the Bot in SalesIQ?
  • How to Setup the SalesIQ Bot Integration with Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk Introduction

Zoho Desk is a powerful customer support platform designed to deliver enduring customer experiences while enhancing agent productivity. 

With Zoho Desk, businesses can streamline their support operations and provide personalized assistance to customers, regardless of size.

Benefits Of SalesIQ

  1. Visitor Identification: SalesIQ enables businesses to identify website visitors, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  1. Support, Sales, and Marketing: SalesIQ facilitates real-time communication with website visitors, helping businesses boost their support, sales, and marketing efforts.
  1. Agent Chat: SalesIQ allows agents to engage with customers through live chat and promptly address their queries and concerns.
  1. Issue Clarification: Businesses can use SalesIQ to clarify customer queries or issues, fostering better communication and customer satisfaction.
  1. Affordable Pricing: SalesIQ offers affordable pricing plans, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Why SalesIQ?

SalesIQ is a powerful platform for businesses to boost their online presence and seamlessly engage with customers. Whether recognizing visitors on the website or automating customer interactions, SalesIQ has you covered with the tools and support businesses need to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

Additionally, deploying a full-time bot ensures continuous support, enabling businesses to serve their customers around the clock.

Features Of SalesIQ

  1. Instant Messaging Channels: SalesIQ consolidates all customer communications into a single dashboard, saving time and improving efficiency.
  1. Chat Routing: Customers are routed directly to the appropriate department or staff, ensuring prompt assistance and seamless communication.
  1. Access to Old Chats: Customers can easily access previous interactions, allowing for conversation continuity and enhanced user experience.
  1. Spam and Cyberbully Protection: SalesIQ enables businesses to block spammers and cyberbullies, safeguarding the integrity of customer interactions and maintaining a safe online environment.

Benefits Of Integrating Zoho SalesIQ With Zoho Desk

Seamless Customer Interaction: Foster real-time engagement with visitors through live chat and proactive support.

Enhanced Data Sync: Easily sync contacts, tickets, and chats between SalesIQ and Zoho Desk for a unified view.

Increased Agent Efficiency: Empower agents with contextual information and automation tools to resolve queries faster.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Provide personalized support experiences that meet the needs of modern customers.

Streamlined Workflow: Simplify support operations and streamline communication channels for a more efficient workflow.

How To Setup The Bot In SalesIQ?

Step 1: Log in to Zoho SalesIQ using the below URL-

Step 2:  Fill in the credentials and log into the SalesIQ.

Step 3: Click on the setting icon, which is known as Setup, and then navigate to the operator’s tab, which is available in the general heading.

Note: A default operator will be automatically created with the owner’s credentials.

Step 4: Return to the General tab from Setup and click on Departments.

Note: A default department will automatically be attached to the default operator.

Step 5: Return to the setup page and click the Brands tab in the Personalize heading.

Step 6: Click Add brand, enter the name, then click Create.

Step 7: Enter the bot’s description, choose the department name you want to create, and click Done.

Step 8:  Navigate to personalization to customize the bot styles and appearance according to the requirements.

Step 9: Now click the Flow Controls to structure the bot and respond to messages for the default chat window.

Step 10: Add the fields, such as name, email, etc., in the online field part and then add or remove fields for the offline field part.

Step 11: Set visitor waiting time for the bot and department responsible for the chats.

Step 12:  Add the default messages for offline responses, greetings, etc.

Step 13: Now navigate back to the brands, and over the installation window, click on the website to add the bot over the website, copy the code, and paste it into the website footer.

How To Setup The SalesIQ Bot Integration With Zoho Desk?

Step 1:  Click on the Setup and then navigate to the Integration tab in the Developers heading.

Step 2:  Navigate to the Zoho Apps from the right side, then search for the Zoho Desk, open it, and click the enable button to enable the integration.

It will automatically connect the Zoho SalesIQ account to the Zoho Desk account. B

Besides, all the privileges, permissions, and access you hold in your Desk account will be replicated in the SalesIQ account. 

Step 3:  Click on Connect with your Zoho Desk account, and connect the desk account with SalesIQ.

After successful integration, you can find the account name that integrated the Zoho Desk with SalesIQ in the Zoho Desk Administrator section and the integrated portal name in the Connect with Zoho Desk Account section.

A pop-up will appear. Now, choose the new Portal Name.

Step 4: Click on the Desk Configuration-

Chats to be automatically converted as tickets and chose an option according to the need –

All Chats – Converts chats with all the visitors into Desk requests.

Operator/ Bot Attended Chats- Converts only chats attended inside Zoho SalesIQ to Desk requests.

Missed Chats – Helps to convert only missed chats to requests.

None -Agents can manually convert chats to Zoho Desk requests based on their judgments. 

Choose when You Want to Convert Chats as Tickets –

1. When Answering Chats -Here, the Chats are automatically converted as tickets when answered.

2. When Ending Chats – Chats are automatically converted as tickets when they are ended.

Set the status request, which will be the same status as the ticket –

  1. Open
  1. Closed

Sync Zoho desk with Knowledge Articles-  

Enable the Sync Zoho Desk Knowledge Base with a toggle button named Zoho SalesIQ Articles. 

Also, you can choose the auto sync option and add the time when that auto sync will work based on daily, weekly, or monthly. That would be preferable.

Step 5: Click on Department Mapping and choose the department where the chats and tickets will be moved to the Desk.

Step 6: Click on SalesIQ configurations-

All Departments—This option displays the recent requests and search results from all departments of the Zoho Desk in your agent Operator console.

Mapped Departments – It will display the search results and the recent requests from the mapped Zoho Desk department.

Final Words

Zoho SalesIQ is your go-to tool for reaching out to potential customers and important clients when they’re most interested. It gives you all the details about who’s visiting your site, where they’re from, and what they’re looking at. This helps you tailor your approach and boost your chances of making a sale or providing top-notch customer service.

Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Desk offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimize customer engagement and support operations. By harnessing the power of these two platforms, organizations can streamline communication, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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