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Black History Month: How We Can Support Black Community

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Inspired by history, driven by the present, and invigorated by the future, leaders now recognize black history as being lived and created today. 

Every year, February is celebrated as Black History Month to show support and celebrate the achievements of the black community. The month inspires everyone to know where systemic racism persists and give visibility to the people & organization establishing change in society.

Initially, the long month celebrations taught young people about black and African-American contributions that have been a neglected part of the national narrative. Organizations & people celebrate for those who just not impacted the country but the whole world.

Inception Of Black History

Black history has been influenced by leaders who believed in equality for all. Carter G. Woodson, aka Father of the black history, commemorated the prime month’s first iteration, commonly acknowledged as Negro History Week.

Fifty years later, since its inception, President Gerald R. Ford officially recognized Black History Month in front of the US people. President Ford urged Americans, and I quote from his speech, “Seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of Black Americans in every area of endeavour throughout history.” Since then, every American president has prioritised Black History Month and its mission. 

People and organizations show their love and support to the community by running multiple awareness campaigns. However, we believe that small actions will benefit more than anything. 

Here are some actions you can take to implement equality for each and promote the black community on a broader scale.

  1. Encourage Employees To Learn About Black History:

Black History is too dense to get acquaintance in one month. So, it is always better to encourage employees to learn about black history from time to time. Organizations can conduct seminars and group events like the Black Excellence game, where each employee can put up something about the black community.

  1. Learn about Noteworthy Black Figures and their contributions:

The month is not only about focusing on history. Organizations need to understand that history is still being written and should create campaigns considering the same. Acknowledging the noteworthy black figures and their contributions will bring fun learning about the community leaders’ rich heritage in the team and world.

  1. All Employees are equal:

Take a step further by establishing a committee at your organization that believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion. It makes your company dedicated to creating the team environment a better place for people of color and others. Also, ensure that you encourage a free-flowing of suggestions, ideas, and feedback between employees, management, and the leadership team.

  1. Partnership With Black-Owned Business:

If you are an organization that is willing to show a commitment to diversity and inclusion, you can support the black community by partnering with black-owned businesses. Thus, you are celebrating the success & empowerment of the community and supporting entrepreneurship. You can check out the online marketplace where you can partner with black-owned businesses.

  1. Celebrate Black Literature & Tribute:

Learning about black literature is different but celebrating it with the employees builds a sense of support and growth. Celebrating in real life includes executing things you’ve learned about black history. Make sure to pay tribute to the many great men & women who have contributed their hearts and efforts to African-American history. You can also donate to a fund-raising event that supports Black Community and focus on their overall growth.


The month-long celebrations enable the community to reimagine the possibilities ahead and empower them to improve overall growth. It boosts the community and imparts knowledge about black histories and their contributions. You can support the Black community by taking little steps and implementing them in your organization as little steps at a time lead to longer journeys and unparalleled success. In the end, we believe that Black History is not just US history, but it is World History.

So, what’s beautiful when it’s black? And we believe they’re “PEOPLE.”


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