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How to Best Customize Salesforce for Your Nonprofit?

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Salesforce acts as a driver for a plethora of segments, so how nonprofits can’t be benefitted from it? It is regarded as one of the most configurable systems. When nonprofits work towards the customization of Salesforce for fulfilling the needs, there are certain features and elements that nonprofits should have access to in their CRM Software system. The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a great suite of tools and features for nonprofit organizations, especially when it comes to keeping a record of standard non-profit activities like raising money and marketing strategies.

In this blog on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, we will cover in detail how a Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud implementation company with a team of certified Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud specialists can guide you in your journey to success and prosperity.

Let’s discuss more in detail. 

  1. Why should nonprofits opt for Salesforce: The prominent and most alluring thing about Salesforce is that it offers its software for free upto 10 users at non-profit organizations. There is an involvement of customization charge only, and this reduces a lot of financial burden from their shoulders.

Salesforce is customizable but large nonprofit organizations usually tend to spend enormous time in identifying their needs. Organizations go through a number of changes from time to time, so it becomes tedious to understand the exact configuration needs. Hence, investing in Salesforce and handling the customization software becomes more difficult. 

  1. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: For accommodating the needs of nonprofits, the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a free solution by Salesforce to organize the objects and fields of the CRM. It helps nonprofits track donor accounts, contacts, potential opportunities, and fundraising campaigns.
  1. Other tools to look for in configuration: For building your toolbox, you can either opt for individual tools to meet each of your needs or you can go for an integrated complete system.
  1. Learning more about Salesforce: Each non-profit is unique, so each will configure solutions differently. Salesforce is an incredible tool once it is configured the way you want it to be.

You may take the best advantage of Salesforce once configured correctly with all the required tools. So, try it for your nonprofit organization.

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