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React Native 0.60–New Updates And Improvements

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React Native, created by Facebook, recently announced new updates and improvements with its new version 0.60. Now, users can easily optimize the existing features and functionalities of the React Native 0.59 as well. The best thing is that developers no longer have to face many issues with the previous version anymore.

Let us dive into the new updates and improvements of the React Native 0.60 to gain a clear and complete understanding.

Improvements in Accessibility

The React Native 0.60 facilitates massive improvements on the accessibility APIs front for both Android and iOS. This list includes but is not limited to entailed elements such as advancements in roles, flags, action support, and more.

Support For AndroidX

Native codes and dependencies will need to be migrated with the migration of React Native with the AndroidX (Android Extension Library). All of the React Native apps, because of this shift, will have to make use of AndroidX themselves.  However, a temporary solution called “Jetifier” has been developed by the React Native team at Facebook. (Jetifier is an AndroidX transition tool with a style compatible with React Native).

New Screen

A new app screen has been offered with the new release. Claiming to be more user-friendly, it displays useful instructions such as how to start the debug menu, Documents links, editing App.js, and how to align with the coming website redesign. The new UI “Hello world” welcomes users to the ecosystem in a more engaging and friendly way.

Upgrade Helper

To make the upgrade process simpler, a great tool called Upgrade Helper that helps React Native users with complex customizations or brownfield apps to see what all has been changed between versions. Users can even have a look at the updated upgrading docs to walk progressively and firmly on the upgrade path.

Auto linking for Operating Systems

The React Native libraries regularly comprise of stage explicit and local code. The React Native 0.60 system enables users to find and utilize this code. Major advancements such as this in auto-linking have been introduced by React Native CLI team.

Lean Core Removals

The new improvements include the placement of NetInfo and Webview into separate repositories. They now have been removed from the React Native repository. Based on the community feedback, Geolocation has also been removed.

CocoaPods by Default

CocoaPods are now a part of React Native’s iOS project. Try opening the iOS platform code by using the xcworkspace file from now on (protip: try xed ios from the root project directory). The podspecs for the internal packages have been changed so they become compatible with the Xcode projects that will assist with debugging and troubleshooting.

Hermes-JavaScript engine optimized

A small and lightweight JavaScript engine, Hermes was recently optimized to run React Native on Android. Focusing on React Native apps, Hermes enhances the performance of React Native by reducing download size, memory utilization, and the time it takes for an application to become usable or “time to interactive” (TTI). The best thing about Hermes is that it can significantly improve app performance even on mass-market devices with slow storage, limited memory, and reduced computing power.

Stay tuned for more news. Till then, don’t forget to enjoy React Native 0.60 in the meantime!


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