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Public Cloud Computing Is ‘An Unsung Hero’ In COVID-19 Times

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Public cloud and its enabling technologies are backstopping the massive shift to remote work and entertainment while front-end collaboration along with gaming and shopping solutions are coming at the forefront of public consciousness. 

The growing coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has been nothing less than a difficult test of the unmatched ability of online applications to reliably, securely, and dramatically scale – an amazing feat made possible only due to public clouds and their related technologies.

Social distancing, office closures, and shelter-in-place orders have led to a sustained and massive surge in users of shopping, collaboration, and entertainment solutions as the entire world gets into a transformation mode of personal interactions to virtual ones. Public cloud has enabled remote project collaboration, eCommerce, video conferencing, education, gaming and streaming video companies to meet unplanned-for demand in a way that would have been impossible a decade ago.

These days, Netflix, Slack, and Zoom Video have been at the forefront of public consciousness while Amazon Web Services that supports all those web-scale companies has been the essential player in enabling them to accommodate a world in crisis. An AWS spokesperson said we have taken measures to prepare and we are confident we will be able to meet customer demands for capacity in response to COVID-19.

Ajay Dubedi, the CEO and Founder of Cloud Analogy, remarked cloud services are undoubtedly the unsung hero in enabling a sudden and massive shift to a remote-first workforce. Dubedi added that infrastructure-as-a-Service providers are not the sole unsung technological heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. 

The immediate shift to socialization and remote work also would not be possible without out-of-the-box software solutions that enable secure, rapid, and consistent deployment of application environments. The CEO of Cloud Analogy added that customers in today’s era are looking forward to automating more to accelerate a trend that was happening even before the virus upended global business.

Cloud infrastructure configuration solutions have made it possible for enterprises and Software-as-a-Service providers across the globe to quickly scale operations.


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