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What is Work.Com? is a corporate performance management platform for sales representatives with a user interface (UI) that resembles a social networking website. The platform, which is a Salesforce product, targets employee engagement in three areas:

  • Alignment of the team and personal goals with business goals
  • Motivation through public recognition
  • Real-time performance feedback. image1


Behind Work.Com acquired the technology behind by acquiring Rypple, a Toronto-based company that offered cloud-based human resources software. Salesforce currently markets as one of three integrated tools called “Sales Performance Accelerator.” The other two components of Sales Performance Accelerator are and Sales Cloud. has a partnership with Workday that enables seamless integration between Workday HCM and With this integration, Workday HCM will deliver worker data including organizational relationships into’s social performance management layer, empowering employees to manage performance through social goals, continuous feedback, and recognition. users can reward great performance with gift cards directly from within Recipients collect points awarded by managers and colleagues that can later be redeemed from the world’s largest online marketplace. image2

Key areas in which Work.Com Deliver Performance

Alignment — Today’s workplace is more fragmented than ever. We work remotely and virtually and have people spread across the globe. At the same time, the pace of business is accelerating, placing a premium on getting the right information to the right people as quickly and efficiently as possible. In fact, a recent study by Savo Group found that 40 percent of businesses suffer from poor alignment of messaging, sales tools, and seller skills. With, teams can manage in real-time, drive alignment with social goals, and solicit and receive ongoing feedback and coaching.

Motivation — A recent study from Market Tools found that 76 percent of workers are unsatisfied with the amount of recognition they receive at work, while 77 percent said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized. With, enterprises can create a culture of meaningful recognition at work. Now people can recognize colleagues with custom badges that reflect company culture and values. The recognition a person receives becomes part of their social profile in Salesforce, allowing people to build their reputation and colleagues to identify experts.

Performance — Performance reviews are among the most hated processes in business. A study by Reuters found that 80 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their performance reviews and would like to see them better reflect their real work. enables painless, productive reviews that actually improve performance by capturing all the achievements, recognition, and feedback a person receives and calibrate performance across teams.

Overview of Work.Com Features

Most features require the add-on, but some are freely available to Sales Cloud users. Users can access the Skills and Thanks, features (excluding Rewards) without Other features require the add-on.

Work.Com Goals Goals make it easy to define, track, and measure your work. Goals also make it easy to align your entire company in the same direction with key company goals and to collaborate with colleagues around shared goals. By adding metrics to your goals, you can calculate the progress toward achieving your goals. You can also link metrics to data in your favorite reports to make it easier to keep track of the work you do in Salesforce.

Work.Com Recognition Recognition makes it easy to publicly recognize and reward great work and winning behaviors in real time. Recognition is comprised of Thanks with unlimited custom badges and Rewards. With Recognition, users can create custom, meaningful badges, view recognition they have received and given in real time, and tie badges to tangible rewards. Managers can create reports and dashboards to view data on recognition leaders.

THANKS is a simple way to recognize winning behaviors. Each Thanks is comprised of a giver (you), a recipient, a custom message indicating why you are recognizing the recipient, and a badge

REWARDS is an extension of Thanks and Badges and ties badges to tangible rewards. Our first fulfillment partner was, but you can now attach rewards from most digital gift codes globally. Gift codes are purchased directly from the provider and are then loaded into for future redemption by Reward Badge recipients.

Work.Com Coaching

The most effective leaders are amazing coaches. makes it easy to create a private one-on-one shared workspace with anyone at your company to share progress, updates, and ideas. There are four elements of an effective coaching space in

  1. Coaching Metrics
  2. Coaching Tasks and Events
  3. Coaching Feed
  4. Notes & Attachments


You don’t have to wait until your next performance review to know how you’re doing or to share feedback with other colleagues. Feedback makes it easy to request and offer feedback on a person or a topic in an ad-hoc, real-time manner from anyone in the company, anytime. Feedback makes it easy to:


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