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Top 10 VSCode Extensions for Salesforce Developers

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Are you looking for the top 10 VSCode extensions for Salesforce Developers? This blog will be useful to you to gain a better understanding of the best VSCode extensions for Salesforce Developers.

VS Code extensions let you add languages, debuggers, and tools to your installation to support your development workflow.

List of 10 VSCode Extensions:-

1.Salesforce Extension Pack:-

This is the most usable extension in the Visual studio code. 

In this extension pack, the following extensions are present:

  1. Salesforce CLI Integration:- The Salesforce CLI is a powerful command-line interface that lets you connect with your Salesforce Environment using Salesforce DX commands. 

Here is the link you can install it: Click

  1. Apex:- This extension provided the see code-completion suggestions, and find syntactic errors in your code 

Here is the link you can install it: Click

  1. Apex Interactive Debugger:- This extension enables you to debug your apex code right from your Visual Studio code.
  2. Apex Replay Debugger:- This extension replays the apex execution from a debug log reference and helps in debugging the error in your apex code.
  3. Lightning Web Components:- This extension enables you to create and work on lightning web components. You can create, edit and deploy lightning web components right from your IDE to Salesforce.
  4. Aura Components:- This extension enables you to work on normal lightning components that use the aura framework.
  5. Visualforce:- This extension enables you to work on Visualforce Pages and Components right from your IDE.

2. Apex PMD

Apex PMD allows you to run static analysis on your Apex and Visualforce files.

As you can see in the above image, Apex PMD will do the static code analysis on your Apex code and will report the errors right away.

You can run Apex PMD on file open, on file save and there are a lot of other options that you can configure.


  • rulesets (optional): set to override default ruleset (see “Defining your own ruleset” for more details)
  • runOnFileOpen: run every time a file is opened in vscode
  • runOnFileSave: run every time a file is saved
  • priorityErrorThreshold: Determines at what priority level ‘errors’ will be added. Anything less will be a warning or hint
  • priorityWarnThreshold: Determines at what priority level ‘warnings’ will be added. Anything less will be a hint
  • enableCache: Creates a cache file for PMD to run faster. Will create a .pmdCache file in your workspace
  • pmdBinPath (prev. pmdPath) (optional): set to override the default pmd binaries. This should point to the PMD folder which contains folders lib and bin. Most likely it is called libexec.
  • additionalClassPaths (optional): set of paths to be appended to classpath. Used to find jar files containing custom rule definitions. It can be absolute or relative to the workspace.
  • commandBufferSize Size of the buffer used to collect PMD command output (MB), may need to be increased for very large projects

3. Salesforce Package.xml Generator Extension for VS Code

This extension provides a User Interface to choose metadata components for Package.xml file for development against sandboxes or DE orgs.

4. Git Lens – Git supercharged

This integrated development/scripting environment will likely notice the native Git integration that provides visibility and control over a local repository.


This is the most used full extension. It helps you to navigate in your code, moving between important positions easily and quickly.

6. Settings Sync

How often do you need to change your system? Each time you have to set up VSCode again and again because your themes, extensions, key-bindings and everything that you use again and again are not configured properly.

Well, you don’t need to worry now because Settings Sync will take care of that. Settings Sync as the name suggests keeping your VSCode settings in sync. It includes themes, keybindings, workspaces, extensions and many other configurations that are uploaded to a GitHub Gist so that it can be used across multiple machines. After setting it up, you can upload or download all your settings directly in your VSCode using one command.

It also provides you an option to auto-update using which all your local changes in settings will be updated as a revised version of GitHub Gist automatically.

7. Better Comments

This extension is the ability to customize the font and opacity of your comments independently of the editor’s font settings. It also adds four additional comment classifications.

8. Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer identifies the related opening and closing brackets with a unique color. You can define which characters will be matched and which colors will be used, in settings.

9. Auto Rename Tag

This extension is definitely of your use. When this extension is activated and you rename one HTML/XML tag, the paired HTML/XML tag is automatically renamed. It also works with lightning/aura tags.

10. vscode-icons

With vscode-icons you can identify your project folder and files with user-friendly icons.

We hope that this blog on top VSCode extensions for Salesforce Developers was useful to you in more than just a way.

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