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The happiest moments of Cloud Analogy award ceremony event

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4 May 2019

It was an evening of celebration. Parties at the workplace are always a breath of fresh air from the monotony of the office. The culture at Cloud Analogy doesn’t stop at the office doors as this is one workplace that gives you endless reasons to cheer and rejoice to stay refreshed.

We celebrate each other’s success and celebrate what all we have achieved this year. Every year, the employee appreciation day is celebrated at Cloud Analogy with a lot of pomp and grandeur. The award ceremony event provides us with a sort of diversion from our work and fills us with cheers.


The day was very exciting and fun-loving and it will remain deeply engraved in my mind. I also congratulate the award winners for their achievements and contributions.

I’m glad to share some glimpses of the day with you all.

Highlights of the evening include everyone rocking the dance floor, melodious singing, comedy stuff, prize distribution, and delicious dinner.

The hall was beautifully decorated. A stage set up that was grand and huge. A dance floor that was graced by all employees who were more than just happy to shake their legs on their favorite music. The HR team in the meanwhile was busy supervising everything.


The glittering ceremony started with the welcome speech by our Senior HR  Himani Adhikari who thanked each and everyone for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding work performance. She applauded the efforts of the employees to the organization. Her speech was followed by the power-packed performance by a group of girls which left the audience impressed.  

The evening kicked off with the melodious singing by one of the female employees that made the evening delightful. I just loved listening to her voice, it was magical!

Moving forward, the next performance was quite a fun time for all of us.

It was a stand-up comedy at its best. Absolutely hilarious!

It was great fun which made people laugh insanely. The audience roared with laughter every now and then.

After all these wonderful and pleasant performances, it was time to appreciate the success and hard work of the employees. The CEO and other dignitaries of the company gave away the prizes to the deserving candidates. The award winners received the prize and gratefully appreciated the recognition bestowed to them.


After the distribution of prizes, the CEO gave a good and motivational short speech. He praised all the employees for their hard work and great success and promised to help them in every possible way.

After this, the anchor concluded the event with the closing remarks and expressed gratitude to all those who made this event a great success!

The event came to an end with a delicious dinner waiting for all of us, a lot of selfies and photos, and everyone dancing on their favorite tracks.

Everyone enjoyed the event and networked with each other over drinks. The employees were delighted with different fun performances where everyone had a gala time.

All in all, we all had a great time together, or I can say a night well spent!

Everyone was in a happy and cheerful mood and enjoyed every bit of celebration. I must state here that this was unarguably one of the best events we all ever had.


I have grown to admire and respect the management for such a lovely event they put on and the little things that happen every day.

It is nice to get appreciated for our efforts and continuous feedback is indeed helpful for us to not only know our capabilities but also to work on our weaknesses. When someone does something well, acknowledging their success sends a message that they are valued and appreciated.


Ritika Pathak

Salesforce Admin and Implementation Expert
"The focused technology leader happily manages and grows open source teams, besides spearheading the Salesforce®️ department with flair"

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