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Pledge 1% is a global movement that empowers and encourages all organizations, from brick-and-mortar stores to multinational companies, to donate 1 percent of their profit, equity, or staff time to any charity of their choice. This scalable and flexible model of philanthropy helps organizations stand at the forefront of significant social and economic changes.

The primary reason why companies and individuals come up to support and become a part of the Pledge 1% movement is to emerge as a catalyst of unprecedented social and economic changes.

Because We Care: Cloud Analogy is a proud member of the Pledge 1% Campaign.

Cloud Analogy firmly believes in making a profound difference and positive impacts to our communities every day. This vision inspires us to fuel our passion to help and guide all members of our communities and stay connected with them, without any discrimination. It also let us champion their efforts for addressing the most critical and demanding challenges of the society. Our philanthropy initiatives are dedicated to children so that they grow and explore the world in the best possible ways.

Our vibrant network is guided by a unique style of philanthropy that is complemented with compassion, personal passion, ever-evolving community needs, and a strong desire for better and positive outcomes.

“Every company can be a social change company”

At Cloud Analogy, we believe that there is nothing better than an intangible feeling of satisfaction of at least giving your best to try making the world a better place. It is with this thought that we decided to provide a part of our valuable resources back to the community with the aim of promoting the welfare of others. It is this belief that empowers us to donate 1% of our products, time, and money to improve communities across the world.

Our NGO Experience

Cloud Analogy team visited NGO Care for Life Charitable Trust on April 20, 2019, to serve people and collaborate with them. During our period of service, we provided food service and stationery products to people living in more than 300 slums.

Joining Pledge 1% was a clear decision for us. Giving back to society a part of what we acquire with the intention of making someone happy every day. It not only makes us generous, but it gives us a sense of purpose for doing something for those who are in need. The happiest people are not those who are getting more, but those who are happily giving more. That’s why we plan to donate 1% of our product, equity, and time to help and support non-profit organizations.

The Cloud Analogy team distributed snacks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, and fresh dal and rice meals to hundreds of people that brought smiles on their faces. This surely was a day full of wonderful memories to remember, for years to come.


It was a great contribution by our team to generously help poor people by making a  real effort to improve their well being. This was also the right opportunity to do something that will change their lives in the long run. Collaborating with people over there and participating in a number of games was something that we were all excited about. It was a pleasurable experience to see genuine smiles on the faces of needy people who otherwise struggle to meet even their basic needs.

The children we met at the slums were very innocent and happy to see someone going out of the way to make them feel special and wanted. In fact, they never expected anything from us in the first place but were still generous enough to appreciate the kind of love and affection received by them. Truly, this was a wonderful visit to remember and it made us felt how good it is to be and act like good and responsible human beings.

Why your company should give back & join Pledge 1%?

Everybody has the capacity to give and all we need is to step out in the right direction. Joining Pledge 1% and donating to the causes you care will have positive effects on your and others’ daily lives.

Being generous really has the ability to make us happier. You can always choose to offer help in any way you find it suitable and experience life-altering changes; it can surely give you a dose of feel-good hormones.

Your own charitable donations can encourage and inspire your nearest and dearest ones to come forward and put some efforts in improving the well being of the poor.

The Bottom Line

Our visit to the NGO Care Life and the Charitable Trust was filled with joy and appreciation. We were honored to get such a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the needy and make them feel special.

We advise everyone out there to experience the joy of giving. Really, your little help would mean a lot to them!


Ritika Pathak

Salesforce Admin and Implementation Expert
The focused technology leader happily manages and grows open source teams, besides spearheading the Salesforce®️ department at Cloud Analogy with flair.

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      Hey Ryker, Thanks for your kind words. We’re glad you found our content informative and helpful, and we look forward to sharing more with you.
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