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According to a recent survey of over 300 tech consumers, it was found that 91% of people heard the term “Cloud” along with knowing what exactly cloud is. There were around 6% of people who heard the term but were not aware of what cloud is and only 3% were there who never heard the term “Cloud”. If you are the one who doesn’t know what cloud is then, it’s right time for you to get familiarized with the term.


Cloud helps you reducing cost, increase your storage, easy to setup and provides worldwide access. Everyone has come across these pros and cons of Cloud but now let’s dive into a different world. Here instead of looking into the extreme details and writing everything, let’s focus on stats. It will help you clear your doubts and will make your understanding better.

42% It helps to access data from anywhere, at any time and on any device.
It helps in increasing productivity and allows the exchange of information in a much faster way.

20% Secure storage of data in a central location and away from the office.
This percentage is low because we have a single server and multiple users who are using the same server. Your data is with the third party so this is always a matter of concern especially protection of data from viruses and malware. Though there is always a way out so for the same you can opt for customizable spam filtering and take effective measures.

10% Potential to reduce cost.
As everything is online so there is no need to install any software for the same. There are many applications which provide us with free cloud usage. One can easily increase memory size and storage capacity at very low prices. It provides an advantage to the buyers too by providing them to pay on a monthly or yearly basis for their plan. It becomes very flexible as it comes with “Pay and Use” model. It charges only for the services you use and one can terminate it anytime without providing any further costs.

5% Less need for servers and other storage hardware.
It provides cloud computing to get set up in a just couple of minutes. One can adjust the settings and setup passwords and choose the platform where to use. It reduces the cost of storage as we no longer need any kind of hardware. With the cloud, we don’t need too many servers which makes our lives a lot easier.

4% Better Collaboration and sharing across the workforce.
It provides effective communication among the clients and internal employees as there is no longer need to pass on the data. One can easily log in and go through the data. It helps employees to share the tasks among themselves and increase productivity.

3% Unlimited capacity and scalability to meet the needs of the business.
You can get unlimited storage for your data depending on your purchase plan. Earlier we were bound by the capacity of our device to store data like USB drives. One can easily increase storage as per the increasing data, the moment one wants the same. Now, no need to worry about storage capacity.


100% up to date maintenance free software.
It is a software which doesn’t need any kind of maintenance. In fact, your service provider is responsible for provides automatic updates. What you need to do is just to install them. It saves your time. Also, you don’t need any expert for installing. The provider will automatically notify you along with the instructions to install.

94% control your data and secure storage.
It helps to keep your data secure as it provides multiple layers and help in keeping your data encrypted.

52% no long-term or installation fees.
Again, as this is cloud so we don’t require any kind of fees to install. It does not demand any long term usage fee too.

22% flexibility.
Cloud is much more flexible for employees as one can easily access files using their web-accessed devices. It enables the use of mobile technology. Some employers even allow bringing own devices to work with.

21% predictable billing.
There are no hidden costs so one easily predict the billing. They have a fixed pricing model with them which makes easy for customers to adopt cloud.

18% easy to use dashboards for managing applications.
We have a good option to manage applications using dashboards.


One can easily share files and folders using shared area of storage. We have the authority to decide whom to share or not.

It helps to manage documents and collaborate on it along with multiple people.

One can easily conduct live meetings, training or presentations via the internet. It helps to provide an open platform to discuss several topics.


This technology has changed the entire concept of workplace making it an interesting place to work. One can work anywhere by using any web-based device. According to survey 26% people consider that now they are able to work faster, 23.4% consider that now they are more productive in comparison to how they worked earlier and 32.4% are still not sure if they are productive or are able to do more on a cloud.

Now it entirely depends on you to accept this mantra or not, but believe me, it seriously needs a chance.

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