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Are You Ready For Cloud Technologies?

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Whether you accept or not, Cloud Technology is a great tool for businesses looking for staff productivity. Availability of data from remote locations, significantly reducing IT costs. Then why we are still not open to accepting its benefits without having second thoughts?

Let’s not forget the human tendency of not to accept new changes. We all like the way in of which we are comfortable & habitual about. Anyone working in IT industry knows the market shifts way too fast they can come up with, technology comes fast and goes fast, to stay ahead in competition companies need to make quick decisions. At some point companies need to take that “BIG STEP”, the step which they fear about but crucial for their success.

But before taking that first big step, you need to ask yourself what is CLOUD and are you ready for it.

Let’s throw some light on it which will eventually gear you up for the CLOUD TECHNOLOGY.


With cloud now there is no longer need to use your computer hardware to store data. Cloud enables you to access information and applications over the internet from almost anywhere. It keeps you informed to make good decisions for your business. You just have to log in to a portal and order your cloud services. The cloud services are provided by your service provider which can act as a virtual machine & a gatekeeper of cloud technology and resources. Now the provider will validate your request and once confirmed it will give a portion of a service set onto their platform. Generally, we prefer this kind of setup as Saas (Software-As-A-Service) model.


This is the most attractive feature of the cloud. The sharing of files and documents entirely depends upon you. It can be shared with whoever you want to give access to. It is you who give permission to an employee what to access and what not to access. This helps you to keep your information safe, avoid the risk of losing your valuable information and minimize the risk of virus or malware.


Cloud is inexpensive. It is installed online so no need to install local software onto your system. At a very low cost, you can increase your storage size and memory. It allows you to pay on monthly or yearly basis making it flexible for the users. It helps you to terminate your service usage anytime and only has to pay when you use your services & resources.

There can be many reasons for the same way of completely adopting a new technology by upgrading the old one, to save heavy investments on costly hardware or trying to find a good level of security. It all depends on you. As everything has its pros and cons, with cloud you have pretty decent choices when it comes to select your requirements set and solutions.


While using a cloud, the one thing that bothers everyone is data security. This is one of the biggest concern before switching your working environment or platform. Cloud helps your data encrypted and has multiple security layers in place to prevent loss/theft/fraud.In one way or the other, it also depends on the service provider you choose.

By using the cloud, you are providing your data to a third party. The things to keep in mind is that users from all over the world are accessing the same server which can cause some security concerns, but you can customize your spam filtering and take other security measures in advance.


You can choose your cloud services depending on the applications you want to run & access in your cloud. It is possible to put all your applications in the cloud or only a single one; it entirely depends on you. Depending on what applications and how many applications, you can choose your cloud service.

At last, it all depends on you to decide whether to go for cloud technologies or remain on computer hardware. Along with your choices, you can at least give CLOUD a single chance. It’s good, and for sure you will not regret it for once. Let’s adopt CLOUD.


Akshay Dhiman

Chief Technical Officer
Akshay Dhiman, the CTO of Cloud Analogy, has been a standout and successful Salesforce Platform Developer for years. He has a rich experience in Salesforce Integration, JavaScript, APEX, VisualForce, Sites, Batch Processing, Lightning, PHP, C++, Java, NodeJs, ReactJs, Angular 8, GraphQL, React Native, Web Technology, and jQuery.

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