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CloudCraze is an eCommerce solution for big enterprises that have already deployed a Salesforce system for their business, and thus cannot be used as a standalone service. The software provides easy access to existing sales and generates smart reports based on combined results.

CloudCraze delivers solutions both for B2B and B2C and even B2B2C models of e-commerce businesses. The platform also enables businesses to launch a mobile storefront without much trouble.

For companies that are looking to generate online revenue and scale their growth, CloudCraze is a good choice to make all this happen in a very smooth way. Finally, CloudCraze offers a point-and-click interface which makes it even easier for users to carry out basic operations.

With CloudCraze, businesses can generate online revenue fast, stay connected with customers, and easily scale for growth. CloudCraze is enterprise e-commerce in the cloud. CloudCraze provides all the infrastructure resources and functional capabilities do you need to deliver world-class eCommerce experience to your customer. Enterprise eCommerce built natively on

Related To Salesforce
Salesforce is a platform that your entire enterprise can run on. As a native application on Salesforce, CloudCraze leverages the core capabilities of the Salesforce platform, including standard and custom objects, workflow rules, localization, reporting and more.

CloudCraze focuses development in “clicks, not code,” making the platform easy, flexible and fast.

Because CloudCraze is built natively on Salesforce, there is no integration required between CloudCraze and Salesforce.

B2B storefronts enjoy the reliability and scalability of Salesforce while sharing data and processes with your CRM and built-in Community collaboration for a 360-degree view of the customer.


CloudCraze provides you with all basics and advanced features to add as many languages and currencies as possible.
CloudCraze offers the ability to create coupons, sales kits, recommendations of related products; all within a connected environment on top of your existing Salesforce CRM.
  • Speed
  1. Deploy four times faster and at a fraction the cost of legacy eCommerce
  2. Zero time spent integrating with CRM since it is a native Salesforce application
  3. Rapid deployment, faster innovation
  • Simplicity
  1. One platform, one database for CRM and eCommerce for 360° customer view
  2. Non-technical administration with Salesforce UI
  3. Secure, integrated infrastructure native on Salesforce
  • Scalability
  1. B2B, B2C out of the box mobile functionality; enterprise extendability
  2. Global: Multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency
  3. Infinite scalability on Salesforce App Cloud


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Salesforce Certified Developer | Delivery Management Head
Deepali, a certified Salesforce Advanced Administrator and Salesforce Developer and CSPO Certified at Cloud Analogy, is a successful name in the industry circles when it comes to the delivery of successful projects with end-to-end testing. Deepali is a globally-renowned industry stalwart when it comes to managing Operations & Delivery Planning in driving Business Performance Management.

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