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Can you really afford a free CRM?

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With the number of customer touchpoints increasing, it is nearly impossible for a corporation to manage its relationship with its customers without a customer relationship management (CRM) software especially as it enables the corporation to leverage data that it has about there customer history helping it enhances business associations with clients.

One vital aspect of good CRM is its functionality to integrate information from various channels and sources, including an organization’s website, phone, email, live visits, advertising materials, and social media.

Why Businesses need CRM?

A CRM solution assists a corporation in visualizing a chronicled view of its client engagement. This helps a corporation predict client needs successfully and grow revenue.

CRM isn’t just used to manage the current clients but at the same time is valuable in attracting new clients. From identifying leads to building conversation and recording all conversations a CRM is  able to track that

Does every business really need a CRM?

Whether you are keeping your customer information in the diary to an excel sheet, you are using a CRM. The challenge in using legacy tools and processes s that when an enterprise has hundreds of clients who are interacting with it across the organization than having a unified view of the customer is impossible without using a modern system.

A modern CRM solution gives every stakeholder — from sales, customer support, business development, advertising, or some other line of business — a seamless approach to deal with the customer engagement that drives goals.

CRM matters to your Business

An organization needs to have the capability to decipher the flood of information flowing in from deals, client relationship and online channels identifying valuable business data? It becomes important for corporations to segregate and make information and data available to them more seamless and simple.

Are Free CRM Solutions really free?

Sometimes people mistakenly believe that Free CRMs are the same as Open Source CRMs. Free CRM frameworks are frequently quoted synonymously with Open Source CRM, however, the facts are completely different. Free CRM frameworks allude to those solutions that are accessible at no cost.

A large segment of these CRMS like Zoho and Hubspot give you access to essential contact management, account administration, tracking customer journey, and that’s just the beginning. But what these free CRM’s fail to highlight is that their free versions have a restriction and cap on the number of clients that can be managed by them. Some organisations might feel the propensity to implement a free CRM solution but they need to study its impact in the long run, for example, if an individual or small organization has been using Excel  sheets ro similar tools to keep record of their customer interactions then a free CRM solution might be a good starting point, the one aspect that they need to keep in mind that any free CRM solution that they invest in should be easily scalable and customizable as once the number of records increases in the system migrating the data might be a complex exercise.

The negatives of utilizing a free CRM framework boils down to the absence of support. The scope of use that a corporation gets from free CRM is restricted.

Putting resources into a paid CRM arrangement can help an organization in the long run, especially if you are a firm with a strong marketing and sales practices and a large client base.


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