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Discovering Salesforce Einstein

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is one of the latest technologies in the world – a technology that learns all by itself. AI is seeping through all aspects of our lives-  whether that be artificial hearing or the voice-powered Siri and Alexa. We also need to state the self-driving cars as an example – with the power of predictive capabilities. 

Einstein is AI for Salesforce and the Salesforce developers are all too keen to acquire the right know-how on “How to leverage technology like Einstein ?”. It is like that black box – too difficult to open. So, now we will bring all our attention to “What is Einstein ?” and “What is not part of Einstein?”.

“What is Einstein ?” and “What is not part of Einstein?”

Salesforce has positioned Einstein as the AI for CRM. It is not at all a global AI tool. It is about providing insights for the CRM users. It applies only within the context of the CRM and the data related to it. This data can be of any of the types – integrated ERP or a centralized layer of data. Einstein acts as a smart Assistant but it is never comparable to anything like IBM Watson. It enables the user with better decision making or even takes the correct actions – right at the appropriate time.

We also need to make a note of the following:

    • Einstein is not at all plug-and-play in nature.
    • Its elements must be trained with data so as enable its model to produce accurate results.
    • Einstein is both a platform as well as a product.

Here we will tell you about the use case on Einstein for the salesperson

How a Use Case on Einstein can help a Salesperson?

Einstein helps the sales professionals to quite an extent in the following ways:

    • It can automate all the tasks that traditionally takes a lot more of time. This leaves the end users with a lot more of time – for closing the deals.
    • It offers to track the prospects with automation features like predictive lead scoring. This will convert the lead into a customer – with prioritization of schedule.
    • Einstein also helps in doing all those activities such as competitor dealings, company history as well. It will provide some suggestions based on the outcome of a sales meeting or where is the salesperson right at that time.
    • It is expected of Einstein to predict the outcome of the interaction with the client – even before the sales call is made.

Next, we will try to understand “Why Salesforce has opted for Einstein?”.

Why Salesforce has opted for Einstein?

Salesforce is trying to build the “world’s smartest CRM” and this is made possible by Einstein making use of latest technologies like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) as well as predictive analytics and smart data discovery.

Moreover, Einstein is based on a model and this helps it to customize with every customer. It has the ability to self-learn, tuning itself and becoming further smarter – interacting more and more with a piece of data and every interaction.

But, we need to understand that Einstein is different from other AI-based products. Let us delve into “What makes Einstein different?”.

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What makes Einstein different?

We have already told that Salesforce is based on deep learning and predictive analytics. Both these require a huge amount of data sets so as to provide you with the right kind of insights. The fact that Salesforce has a wide base of customers which definitely helps. However, users can opt out of Einstein and this makes them do away with the benefits from Einstein.

Einstein is part of the Salesforce platform. The Einstein products are part of the Einstein platform hierarchy.

Einstein Products

The Einstein products mainly consist of the following buckets and these are:

    • Out-of-the-box apps
    • Point-and-click solution
    • Programmatic Services

Out-of-the-box apps

These are apps that exist for each and every type of Salesforce Cloud (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud). These are pre-built solutions – to be turned on by the Salesforce admin – in the Org.

Point-and-click Solution

This is a solution that is fully configurable by the System admin but as a prerequisite requires some model creation and training. It incorporates Prediction Builder and through this, we need to find answers on “What is the likelihood that this case needs to be escalated?”.

Programmatic Services

In the programmatic services, are those what can be termed as super geeky in nature. This is where the neural network products and deep learning come into play. However, this includes the unstructured data – that comes in the form of voice, image, and languages. It is because of this unstructured data that we need to have model training  – through the API. It has an interesting use case here – as it is possible to train Einstein to identify products placed on a shelf – along with an image of the same product.


Einstein is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is not a global AI tool but Salesforce has tried to establish it as the AI for CRM and only applies within the context of the CRM data.

Salesforce is trying to build the world’s smartest CRM and it has taken the right direction towards using some of the latest technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing as well as predictive analytics as it offers Einstein as a product and platform. 

There are three buckets that form part and parcel of the Einstein product. These are Out-of-the-box apps, Point-and-click solution and Programmatic Services. The best option out of these is the Out-of-the-box apps as they are pre built solutions and can simply be turned on by a Salesforce admin user.  


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