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Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce

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Einstein Activity Capture is a productivity-boosting tool that lets you keep data up to date between Salesforce and two of your applications –  email and calendar applications. To keep data up to date between these applications, EAC focuses on three types of data: emails, events, and contacts. 

The Salesforce Help Article says, “With Einstein Activity Capture, emails and events that you send and get are automatically added to the activity timeline of related account, contact, contract, lead, opportunity, and quote records. Furthermore, contacts and events are synchronized between the associated accounts and Salesforce.

On top of this, Einstein Activity Capture works behind the scenes. So, there is no need for clients to press any buttons to log emails or partner events to Salesforce records. Indeed, you can utilize Lightning for Outlook/Gmail or Inbox with Einstein Activity capture similar to Lightning Sync.

Introduction To Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based software that helps organizations streamline their sales and marketing operations effectively. Salesforce unites all your various departments – marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT, from anywhere to keep its customers happy with its Customer 360 platform, the integrated CRM platform that powers our entire suite of connected apps. 

In this post, we will cover the benefits and considerations and the additional limitations of Einstein Activity Capture. 

Benefits Of Einstein Activity Capture 

1. Email Insight

Since the email data is being taken care of by the Einstein AI layer when it’s being gone through Einstein Activity Capture (EAC), Salesforce can offer customers important information about the email they have logged, including a proposed following action dependent on the email content, or assist them writing a more tailored reaction to a customer.

2. Send Email through Connect Email Account 

When emails are sent from Salesforce, they are usually sent through Salesforce’s email servers which winds up with an out-of-control “in the interest of” message in the From field. This may result in affecting deliverability. 

EAC permits sales emails sent from Salesforce through the associated email account. The recipient will only view your email address but can’t identify that it is sent from Salesforce.

3. Recommended Connections 

The Winter ’19 delivery brought an intriguing Einstein functionality called Recommended Actions which shows significant associations inside their organizations (also known as individual Salesforce Users). Einstein will show the number of interactions one more user has had with a Lead or Contact so you can decide whether working with this individual would be fine to deal with the relationship or close the deal.

4. Activity Metrics 

One of the more remarkable benefits of Einstein Activity Capture is calculated activity metrics. Since Salesforce examines the activity information utilizing Einstein AI, Salesforce computes some intriguing metrics such as  Inactive Days, Last Activity Date, and Last Call Date.

5. Activities Dashboard

Finally, Activity Dashboard displays data based on filters and charts. It shows a summation of sales activities that were added to Salesforce actually and by Einstein Activity Capture. It is possible to access these metrics through the Analytics application in Setup.

Diagrams are coordinated by tabs (1). Use filters (2) to see data about specific activity owners, activity types, and dates. Right away, the chosen users’ view is most active (3). The Details tab includes charts of different activities by accounts and opportunities (4).

The Overview tab allows you to perceive how every activity type moves over the previous month, week, or day (5). Authorized Einstein Activity Capture users see as long as 180 days of activity data. Einstein Activity Capture Standard users see as long as 90 days of activity data.

It’s critical to note that these dashboards are not customizable at this point, so you can just view metrics previously set up by Salesforce.

Points To Be Considered While Setting Up Einstein Activity Capture

There is consistently a disadvantage to consider, and Einstein Activity Capture has not many that you’re truly going to have to contemplate before pulling the trigger.

Activities Stored Externally Outside Salesforce

Exercises taught by Einstein Activity Capture are not put away in Salesforce. They are stored in a secure server external to Salesforce, displaying many issues. Some of these are as follows:

  • Standard Salesforce reports can’t report activities, So there is no possibility to build Salesforce reports based on Activity Capture Data.   (consequently, the Activities Dashboard and Metrics).
  • Users can’t delete emails from Einstein Activity Capture, only to be performed by a System Administrator.
  • If you move away from Einstein Activity Capture sooner or later and deactivate the service, every one of the activities caught by Einstein Activity Capture is not generally shown in Salesforce on record timelines!

Additional Limitations

If the above were not sufficient enough, there are a couple of additional limitations that are essential to note:

  • Offered at extra licensing cost (100 Einstein Activity Capture licenses are incorporated with Sales Cloud).
  • Emails are exchanged between a User’s inward space unrelated to Salesforce records, irrespective of the Excluded Addresses settings.
  • Possible for the Organizations to utilize the Activity Timeline with Einstein Activity Capture. But it is not possible to use the Related List view for activities.
  • Repeating events are not synced with Einstein Activity Capture.-
  • It offers just two years of captured activity data which is displayed.
  • Platform Encryption is not upheld, so emails and events added to Salesforce by EAC do not get encoded at rest. (but remains scrambled on the way).


Einstein Activity Capture, the productivity booster, helps you keep your data updated between Salesforce and your email and calendar applications.  Einstein Activity Capture focuses on three types of data—emails, events, and contacts to ensure your data is up-to-date between applications. 

The sales reps don’t have to manually enter data with Einstein Activity Capture. It is an extraordinary tool that assists the Salespeople with interfacing their emails and calendar record to Salesforce. When the records are synchronized, the emails and events are naturally added to the activity timeline of related Salesforce records. Along these lines, Einstein Activity Capture surveys their activities and gives proposals that assist reps with pushing ahead correctly.

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