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How to Integrate Calendly with Salesforce?

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In the current time, where connections are valued and time is extremely precious, finding perfect solutions to automate productivity and interactions is the key. 

The ultimate combination to reach this goal & achieve efficiency is the seamless integration of Calendly with Salesforce. In this blog post, we’ll explore the core of this integration and will see how it can transform the way you manage your workflows, do your business, and foster connections with clients, partners, and team members.

Table of Contents 

  • Brief Introduction to Salesforce and Calendly
  • Why Integrate Calendly and Salesforce?
  • Prerequisites of Calendly and Salesforce integration 
  • Steps to Integrate Calendly with Salesforce 

Brief Introduction to Salesforce and Calendly

A well-known name in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce is famous for helping businesses manage and nurture their customer relations. It is the central hub for customer data, providing informed decision-making and nurturing meaningful relationships.  

On the other hand, Calendly is a scheduling tool developed to streamline the process of setting appointments. It provides a user-friendly interface that lets users share their availability, eliminating the continuous hassle of scheduling.

What are the Key Features of Calendly?

Here are some key features:            

  • Ensure a smooth workflow with automated tasks, like appointment booking and rescheduling.
  • Help in quick scheduling using an embedded scheduling page. Then, you can redirect forms to your website.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other apps to automate your appointments, start to finish. 

Next, let’s explore the reasons for integrating these two. 

Why Integrate Calendly and Salesforce?

Calendly’s Salesforce integration automatically creates Salesforce records as and when invitees book an appointment with you. In addition, the output of the integration provides transparency and control. 

Here are the valid reasons why you should integrate Calendly and Salesforce:

  • Enjoy Effortless scheduling by seamlessly integrating Calendly with Salesforce for well-planned appointment management.
  • Get all the unified data in one place and get a complete customer view by logging Calendly events straight into Salesforce.
  • Say “Hi” to boost productivity and enjoy saving time & reducing errors with automated appointment syncing.
  • Add a hint of personalized interactions by using integrated insights for personalized and engaging customer interactions.
  • Promoted Teamwork with real-time updates via integration.
  • Ensure Data consistency and accuracy across platforms.
  • Automate scheduling, reduce back-and-forth and access all info within Salesforce.
  • Leverage integrated data for 360-degree reporting and actionable insights.
  • Grow scalable solutions with Calendly and Salesforce integration.
  • Stand out with a seamless, effective, and customized experience for your clients.

Prerequisites of Calendly and Salesforce Integration

Here are some prerequisites before you start with Calendly and Salesforce integration:

  • Have Teams or Enterprise Calendly account but with admin permissions or ownership.
  • Enterprise edition of Salesforce or other editions but with admin privileges.

Let’s come to the integration steps now-

Steps to Integrate Calendly with Salesforce 

Step 1: Log in to Calendly and click on the Integration option in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Select  Sales and CRM  and then click on Salesforce

Step 3: After that, Click on the Integrate Now Button.

Step 4: You will be redirected to the Salesforce  Authentication page. After that, log in to the Salesforce account you want to integrate Calendly.

Step 5: Next, grant Access To Calendly by clicking on the Allow Button.

Step 6: Now, click on Install the Calendly package and then install the package in your Salesforce org.

Step 7: Refresh your page and make sure the package is installed correctly.

Step 8: Go to the Home page and click on the event link.

Step 9: Create an event according to your time and click Confirm.

Step 10: Then fill in the mandatory fields and click Schedule Event

Step 11: After that, a Lead will be created in the org with the event name.


To conclude, Integration between Salesforce, and Calendly lets you automatically create or schedule meetings and events. In addition, you can automatically create or update leads, contacts, opportunities, events, and tasks in Salesforce. 

So, there is no need to go after your sales reps with last-minute operations or hassles, relieving them from unnecessary admin hassles. This will eventually help in delivering revenue goals faster because they have more selling time. 

You can also monitor upcoming events, reschedule meetings, and cancel events. Lastly, it also gets easier to access prospect and customer information about how the sales meeting times work.

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