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Is it good to integrate/migrate from other platforms to Commerce Cloud?

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Are you looking to create a customizable customer experience? Do you want to gain more control over your online brand? Are you looking for ways to outgrow your current platform? If your answers are in the affirmative, it is time that you embrace Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Renamed from Demandware in early 2016, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is globally acclaimed for offering a unified and seamless commerce experience to inspire a personalized and delighting shopping journey across all commerce channels (mobile, web, social, store, and more) for every customer.

A unified, customer-centric experience is the need of the hour as today’s tech-savvy consumers are expecting consistent and value-driven interactions with brands, wherever and whenever they interact. Salesforce Commerce Cloud lets you do just that by offering a unique set of robust capabilities to propel your commerce experiences across a wide range of channels to bring point-of-sale, digital commerce, order management, predictive intelligence, and store operations into a shared commerce experience. This not only helps you gain access to great intelligence and insights to serve shoppers in a better way, but it also helps your sales, marketing, and customer support teams improve operational efficiencies.

There is no denying the fact that today customer behavior is rapidly transforming and driving commerce. Business buying and consumer shopping today are just a single component of a large journey that follows customers across ever-evolving technologies, irrespective of their geographical location. To be successful and stay relevant, brands in today’s cutthroat, competitive business environment need to stay in terms with this evolution and move faster with a predefined purpose to stay connected to shoppers, wherever and whenever they go next. This is exactly where Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes into the picture.

Is it good to integrate migrate from other platforms to Commerce Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of integration and/or migration to Commerce Cloud is that it allows controlling the journey of customers through artificial intelligence and data-driven touchpoints. By doing this, this unified commerce product propels the clients into the best of cloud commerce. This agile and flexible platform provides you countless and amazing ways to imagine, build, execute, and deliver unique commerce experiences that can easily fit into any customer journey — both today and tomorrow.

The best thing is that it is extremely easy to connect your existing legacy and advanced platform with Salesforce Commerce Cloud through an array of commerce APIs and templates to make your commerce faster, connected, and smarter.

Why it makes sense to integrate/migrate from other platforms to Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the best Enterprise Cloud Commerce that is simple enough for users and sophisticated enough for commerce.

One of the best things about Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it fully supports the entire journey, from brand engagement to product awareness, from purchase transaction to servicing the customer needs, and from order fulfillment to help customers share their experience through communities.

Not only this, Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions powered by Predictive Sort and Artificial Intelligence enable personalized product recommendations for shoppers beside offering invaluable commerce insights to assist in online and physical store planning.

This unified platform that works well across a wide range of channels (social, mobile, web, and physical store) can be best described as a trusted global infrastructure to assist in managing promotions, pricing, catalogs, inventory, and thus increase productivity and profitability. Moreover, Commerce Cloud demonstrates unmatched efficacy in creating and exploring innovative ways by which customers can easily and accurately discover, research, and purchase products — all in one mobile, branded, and social environment.

Here’s how Commerce Cloud from Salesforce does it smartly and differently:

Unique Brand Story Customization

Enhance the shopping experience of your customers like never before, quickly and easily with a comprehensive library of certified, prebuilt integrations, including loyalty programs, payment accelerators, etc.

Unique and out-of-the-box brand experiences

Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions provide modern sites that can be easily built and launched and powered by responsive design. Packed with rich features, these sites will be characterized by seamless navigation, quick checkout process, and multicurrency and multilingual functions for maximizing conversions with saved carts and optimizing user stories.

AI-Powered Personalization

Powered by the best of Artificial Intelligence, your online brand can easily make the most out of invaluable merchandising insights, task automation, and personalized recommendations to every shopper.

Exceed customer expectations

Deliver streamlined and seamless innovations and solutions easily and quickly with a scalable, multitenant cloud that is not just fast but also always secure, and always on.

Maximize Product Impact

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is second to none when it comes to syndicating pricing and products across catalogs, sites, currencies, and categories while creating and implementing rules that customize to optimize searches by customers for intent and product profitability.

Maximize brand awareness and SEO visibility

Commerce Cloud integration with other platforms lets your build highly relevant, engaging, and unique content across geographies, brands, devices, and sites. It can also be used to create unforgettable and delighting experiences with targeted offers, content, and relevant products by country, language, state, city, or region.

This helps in creating and nurturing the levels of brand awareness, brand acceptance, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Furthermore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions can be used for building products, URLs, metadata, sites, and images that are customized and powered with the ability to develop best search engine optimization practices.

Explore new markets, customers, and opportunities

Try Salesforce Commerce Cloud to scale the landscape of eCommerce with a borderless, secure infrastructure to identify and gain exposure into new markets and opportunities while adding to your customer base.

Blend Digital with In-Store

Let your online brand reap the innumerable advantages of digital with in-store. In-store integrations offered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be deployed for preventing lost sales and enhancing powerful customer journey capabilities.

Reduce Development Costs

Deliver real-time order data to Commerce Cloud Digital to increase operational efficiencies, while extensible application programming interfaces connect order management to retail operations, and users are empowered by role-based interfaces and tools tailored to operations, store fulfillment needs, and customer service.

Multichannel Capabilities

Leverage the best of multichannel advantage by extending the digital presence of your brand across social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Integrating brick-and-mortar stores with digital channels is extremely easy and rewarding with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Unmatched Scalability

Reap the advantages of limitless scalability with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With 24/7/365 support, your eCommerce infrastructure can scale effortlessly and adaptively to stay ahead of mission-critical challenges such as traffic lows, highs, and fluctuations.

All in all, Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables clients to reduce costs, increase marketing efficiency and agility, and significantly increase website performance. Undoubtedly, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a unique set of capabilities to create and nurture cross-channel, unified experiences.

It is time that you connect with an industry leader such as Cloud Analogy to find out how your business can benefit from this engaging, fully-featured, and agile commerce cloud solution.

Why choose Cloud Analogy for platform integration/migration to Commerce Cloud?

For more than a decade, Cloud Analogy has been a name associated with innovative technology companies through its partner network and there’s a great mutual benefit to doing so. Technology companies get complete and uninterrupted access to the multi-platform expertise of Cloud Analogy and a pre-built integration that saves a staggering 90 percent of integration time.

For Cloud Analogy, this highlights a wonderful opportunity to work with some of the newest, futuristic, and dynamic technology companies in the business environment. It is just one of the ways by which Cloud Analogy keeps its clients ahead of the competition and gains double-digit year-on-year-growth.

The most interesting aspect of choosing Cloud Analogy for platform integration/migration to Commerce Cloud is that the wide range of products, services, and solutions offered by it are custom suited to the specific requirements of different businesses.

The platform integration and migration solutions offered by Cloud Analogy can be used in countless ways. Whether it is to provide convenience at checkout or offer multiple delivery options, Cloud Analogy’s Commerce Cloud solutions can be used to positively impact key variables that determine a purchase.  

Unlock the power of choice and put your customer at the center of everything and whatever you do by connecting and streamlining commerce across all functions with Cloud Analogy’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions now!


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