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Integrating Your System With Commerce Cloud

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Designed for retail and eCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the ultimate solution when it comes to delivering ultimate shopping experience for your customers. The best thing is that Commerce Cloud from Salesforce is extremely easy to integrate with your existing legacy and modern systems so that your B2C or B2B business can benefit from improved control and visibility over operations like never before.

One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it is second to none for creating and nurturing the highest standards of transparency in the context of data monitoring. Moreover, you can easily deploy pre-built connectors for integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Enterprise resource planning (ERP), 3rd party logistics (3PL), and Point of Sale (POS) systems while experiencing a smooth transition process throughout. Commerce Cloud from Salesforce can also be used for automating and configuring critical data flows like customers, products, inventory, and shipping/tracking data that would translate into the elimination of manual data entries.

The list of advantages associated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud does not end here. It also helps in facilitating faster order processing, seamless supply chain integration, real-time inventory sync, and more! However, it is important that you select only a prominent and successful provider of Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions like Cloud Analogy that has already delivered the agility, speed, superior economics, and the innovation required to thousands of profit-oriented businesses when it comes to mastering the new-age retail reality of unpredictable and constant change.

Why integrate your existing legacy and modern systems with Commerce Cloud from Salesforce?

The importance of seamless integration of existing legacy and modern systems with Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be demonstrated through a simple scenario.

Let us assume that you are running an eCommerce company that stores and manages the personal information of customers for creating and/or maintaining demand and awareness about your brand, products, or services or communicating promotional offers, product or policy updates, and more. This information may be as simple as customer’s names, email addresses, past orders, contact addresses (billing and/or shipping), etc. in Commerce Cloud.

However, there may be a possibility that your company has information about the orders of customers in a legacy order history app and the shipping information of customers in a modern shipping system. In order to synchronize all the associated systems and applications, it would always be suggested that you integrate them with state-of-the-art software to deliver a unique and personalized shopping experience to your business customers. This is exactly where Commerce Cloud from Salesforce comes into the picture.


One of the primary reasons why modern-day companies are turning to Salesforce Commerce Cloud these days is to stay relevant with the changing scenarios and demands of the market.

Commerce Cloud is a futuristic set of tools, processes, methodologies, and functionalities that helps companies downscale or upscale according to the seasonal spikes, traffic, and demand. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers the scalable architecture that your company requires to grow and prosper in today’s cutthroat business environment. This helps you easily meet fluctuating demands in different market seasons and handle increased workloads with complete ease.


Cloud-based architectures are designed to stay tolerant against disasters. With Commerce Cloud on your side, your critical data can be protected against possible incidents of loss, theft, unauthorized use, etc. so that it is easy for you to avoid security threats or catastrophic data losses. Moreover, Salesforce Commerce Cloud can even help you resume the operations of your business in a streamlined way if a disaster somehow still strikes your business operations due to uncontrollable circumstances in the future.

How companies integrate with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Today, companies are placing their trust in robust platforms to leverage out-of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs), integration templates, and connectors for Salesforce.  In other words, companies today are moving beyond custom-coded integrations and instead opting for advanced connectors to achieve better outcomes and connectivity with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. For this, they, irrespective of their line of operations or size of their business, are counting on industry experts such as Cloud Analogy for Commerce Cloud integration with their existing systems.  

By choosing Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions from Cloud Analogy, you can dramatically cut down on the time and effort required to integrate Cloud Analogy’s seamless solutions that are powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud on your site. Moreover, Cloud Analogy can help you with robust, error-free, and smooth integration of Commerce Cloud from Salesforce so that a substantially higher-quality integration can be attained. This would, in turn, feed every action and process on your eCommerce site; it would also give you the ability to effortlessly execute the personalization efforts of your business at the scale.

By doing this, Cloud Analogy helps you reap the innumerable advantages of a scalable, end-to-end, and flexible platform to personalize, optimize, and manage the commerce experiences across the entire customer journey and every touch point. In other words, it would assist enterprise commerce clients to make every single online shopping experience simple, engaging, and personal for their customers to drive more sales and greater revenue.

Cloud Analogy unifies all administration tools in a single interface so that the otherwise-complicated consolidation and management activities are simplified and streamlined for you, in a single location.

For this, it guides you with different “studios” for business users and developers. The best thing is that these intuitive admin user interfaces are supported in 36 languages and are highly responsive.

  1. Merchant Studio: Provides all of the tools that are required for merchandising and managing the site experience for shoppers.
  2. Design Studio: Merchants can easily leverage optimized application interfaces to create as well as personalize engaging and amazing experiences with total creative control through drag-and-drop tools.
  3. Developer Studio: Offers capabilities, tools, and functionalities for developers to create and manage their customizations and configurations across different devices and platforms.

You can use Cloud Analogy’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud for:

  • Creating custom properties for shopper profiles
  • Integrating with existing order management systems
  • Creating custom properties for orders
  • Creating a promotion or discount rule
  • Configuring the integration
  • Customizing tax display in templates
  • Downloading and editing email templates
  • Managing account-based shopper profiles
  • Creating credit card payment gateway integration
  • Integrating with cash/gift card payment gateways
  • Integrating with a web checkout system
  • Integrating with an invoice payment system
  • Managing custom promotions
  • Associating multiple promotions to a discount coupon
  • Using the Admin API to work with promotions
  • Combining best practices in merchandising, site design, and technical architecture
  • Enhancing the shopping experience for your customers with pre-built, certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrations including loyalty programs, reviews and ratings, and payment accelerators
  • Creating a delighting and unified customer journey across all core functions within the comprehensive Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform
  • Building feature-rich storefronts through out-of-the-box website frameworks
  • Delivering innovation and responding to business requests faster

Cloud Analogy solutions empower your sales, marketing, and customer support teams with the ability to configure allocation rules, change settings through a single and easy console, and access or process returns, exchanges, orders, and any other post-purchase activity. You can always trust on customized order management functions and tailor made out-of-the-box solutions offered by Cloud Analogy that suit your unique workflow and processes. If that is not all, you can even put your hands on the powerful capabilities offered by Cloud Analogy to integrate Order Management into legacy and modern commerce environment with its flexible application programming interfaces.

Give your customers a cohesive and seamless experience that unifies mobile with digital, social, store, and more now and beat out your peers with easier and faster shopping journeys — from product discovery to checkout and even beyond — by joining hands with Cloud Analogy! Build brand loyalty and continue the customer conversation like before by leveraging the best of Salesforce Commerce Cloud to create and distribute the apps of your brand.

Get in touch with Cloud Analogy now to bring reliability, scalability, and flexibility in your business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions now. Provide a customized experience to your customers and reach your goals ahead of your own expectations! Stay ahead of the curve now by finding out now how Cloud Analogy can help you process orders and deliver products effortlessly across any channel, on your customers’ terms!


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