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One of the important aspects that enable the sales team, apart from sales training, is the sales tools. Coupled with processes, the efficiency and productivity of the sales team are maximized with the help of sales tools. Conga Composer is one such tool in Salesforce which generates documents such as proposals, quotes, contracts, etc. required throughout the sales cycle. Creating documents manually not only is time-consuming but is not bereft of errors leading to wastage of valuable employee time. With Conga Composer, you can create the perfect, templated digital documents that are error-free every time.

This post draws your attention to:

  • Some of the inherent problems in the manual sales documentation
  • Benefits to businesses with Conga Composer
  • A case study where Conga Composer was used for generating client documents.

Some of the inherent problems in the manual sales documentation

Technology has empowered and enabled the modern-day customer. It has changed the face of sales, putting the customer in control of the sales process. As a result, customer experience is critical in determining the success or failure of a sales organization. The connected and informed customer expects swift, direct and personalized responses from the sales reps. But, a good part of the sales reps time gets wasted in document generation done manually.

There are some inherent problems in manual sales documentation such as:

  • Creating a new document by copying and pasting from an old document or a template is more prone to missing out of the information and the subsequent delays
  • Inconsistency in document formatting and branding of customer-facing documents could dent the image of the company
  • In the absence of a central repository for storing the documents, it becomes challenging to track them leading to poor visibility into their status

Such problems in manual sales documentation can be best handled with an efficient document generation process which automatically produces documents in any format – Word doc, Excel spreadsheet, HTML email, PDF – you deem it necessary.

How can a document generation solution iron-out the problems?

  • Template or templates are created in advance when documents are created eliminating manual errors arising from manual copying and pasting activities.
  • We can manage template versions by pre-defining them and create a brand consistency using document generation solution
  • A document generation solution saves a copy of the document directly in the CRM enabling everyone in the sales team to have a visibility of it
  • It can streamline your sales workflow with minimal manual and administrative intervention from your sales team.

Let’s understand some of the advantages of Congo Composer – document generation solution integrated with Salesforce.

Benefits to businesses with Conga Composer

Document merging

Conga Composer offers multiple benefits to businesses, especially when merging multiple documents in Salesforce. Riding high on the advantages of cost and time effectiveness, Conga Composer is mainly beneficial in merging data from multiple documents – critical for different projects. Conga Composer will merge the documents besides helping you handling multitude documents in number.

Automatic signature

When customized documents are produced, it is essential to integrate e-Signatures. With the integrated e-Signatures solution – Docusign, Conga Composer helps to streamline the sales process.

24×7 support team

To help the users with the multiple features of Conga Composer, the support team of Conga Composer works round the clock to provide support to customers.

Thus, Conga Composer is your best bet when it comes to document generation solution. To understand the benefits of Conga Composer, we have a case study where we developed the solution for our client using Conga Composer.

Case study – dynamic document generation and sending in Conga Composer

Project requirement

The client is a financial company. The requirement had to aspects to be addressed. They wanted,

  • To generate the documents dynamically and,
  • Send those documents to the specific opportunities

The client gave the criteria, the required fields and the template of the documents that would be sent to the opportunity.


To begin with, we created an “Opportunity” button listing all the opportunities. There are two documents Loan Document 1 and Loan Document 2 that would be sent depending on the specific opportunity.

For demo purpose, we pick a specific opportunity.

When the specific opportunity is clicked open, you will find two customer documents – Loan Document 1 and Loan Document 2.

Opportunities where there is only one nominee and requires a single signature, Loan Document 1 would be sent by the client to the customer. On the other hand, if there are two nominees and requires two signatures, Loan Document 2 would be used.

Further, on choosing a specific document – Loan Document 1 or 2, would lead to multiple templates which were created by us based on client requirements.

Select a particular document and click on the Preview button.

The document preview has all the details related to the document in addition to the opportunity details such as address and amount which are fetched by the opportunities using Conga Queries.

In this project, the client had an additional requirement – they wanted to have two signatures for Contacts Closed.

For this, we created Conga Queries to fetch the values from Contacts Closed based on the Opportunity ID.

Using Conga Composer, we have added the Doctor’s Sign functionality which could be attached along with the document.  

To sum up, we were able to create functionality for the dynamic document generation and sending the document to the opportunity using Conga Composer.


Conga Composer is a 3rd party solution and one of the top-selling apps on Salesforce marketplace AppExchange. Creating pixel-perfect rich sales documents is effortless and quick with Conga Composer. When once the document template is defined using Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, the next crucial step would be to integrate it with Salesforce data. The best digital documents are available for every interaction with minimal effort.


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