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London’s Calling 2023: Know About Amazing Networking Opportunities

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London’s Calling 2023 was the greatest event for all time!

Europe’s largest community-led event was for all the Salesforce professionals looking to network and build long-lasting relationships with other business peers.

It was the 8th event of London’s Calling in 2023, held on 9th June 2023. It was none other than the full day of learning, networking and fun at The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London, UK, Europe.

London’s Calling Was Incredible

Our team at Cloud Analogy – a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner had been very thrilled to attend London’s Calling and to meet so many business professionals and like-minded individuals.

At London’s Calling event, attendees had the exciting opportunity to meet and engage with multiple business peers and tech-enthusiasts. 

Our team of certified Salesforce professionals were present to share their knowledge, insights, and success stories with the attendees.

Takeaways For Lifetime

  • Learned from Keynote Speakers

Salesforce London Event promised to be an inspiring and educational event, offering attendees the opportunity to learn from a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers.

With a focus on innovation, leadership, and industry trends, these speakers shared their insights and expertise, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration to all participants.

Whether it was thought-provoking discussions on the future of technology, groundbreaking strategies for business success, or personal stories of triumph and resilience, the keynote speakers at London’s Calling were sure to captivate the audience.

  • Attended Multiple Sessions

London’s Calling event offered attendees a diverse range of sessions that catered to various interests and professional needs.

From technical workshops and hands-on training sessions to thought-provoking panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions, there was something for everyone.

Participants could choose sessions based on their specific areas of expertise or explore new topics to broaden their knowledge and skills.

  • Opportunity to meet and talk with key ISV and SI partners

Salesforce London Community Event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to connect and engage with key Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and System Integrator (SI) partners.

With a dedicated space for networking and collaboration, participants had the chance to meet representatives from renowned ISVs and SIs, fostering valuable connections and partnerships.

This interaction allowed attendees to gain insights into the latest products, services, and solutions offered by these industry-leading partners.

From discovering innovative technologies to discussing strategic initiatives, attendees could leverage this platform to forge relationships that could drive their organizations forward in the dynamic world of technology and business.

  • Networking time with the Ohana

Networking time with the Ohana was a highly anticipated aspect of Europe’s largest community-led event of Salesforce.

Attendees had the invaluable opportunity to connect with community leaders, Salesforce MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), and Salesforce employees in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

This dedicated networking time allowed participants to engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and build relationships within the vibrant Salesforce community.

Whether seeking career advice, discussing best practices, or simply exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals, this time with the Ohana provided a supportive and collaborative space.

Fruitful Moments To Cherish

London’s Calling Salesforce offered an extraordinary platform for attendees to explore amazing networking opportunities.

From connecting with keynote speakers who shared their expertise and insights to attending various sessions that catered to diverse interests and professional needs, participants could expand their knowledge and gain valuable takeaways.

Additionally, the event provided a unique chance to meet and engage with key ISV and SI partners, fostering collaborations and discovering innovative solutions.

Moreover, networking with the Ohana, including community leaders, MVPs, and Salesforce employees, created a supportive and collaborative environment that nurtured professional growth.

Wrap Up

London’s Calling Salesforce was not just a conference; it was an experience that helped individuals, strengthened networks, and cultivated a sense of community within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Team Cloud Analogy had an amazing time spent at London’s Calling 2023 at The Brewery, 52 Chiswell St, London, UK, Europe.

Whether you are seeking guidance on Salesforce implementation, customization, or integration or simply interested in learning more about the latest Salesforce trends and innovations, the experts from Cloud Analogy are ready to engage in meaningful conversations and provide valuable solutions.

See you at more Europe-based events soon!


Sachin Arora

Scrum Master and Principal Solutions Architect
Sachin, a renowned Scrum Master and Principal Solutions Architect at Cloud Analogy, has rich experience when it comes to working on process improvement in a fast-paced environment maintaining high level of quality in all deliverables. Sachin's expertise lies in varied hardware and software environments including Cloud technologies such as Salesforce, AWS, Cloud Foundry & Google App Engine and Mobile.

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