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Salesforce Lightning: How To Mass Delete Records From List View

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At least once, we encountered a situation where we needed to delete bulk data from Salesforce quickly. It is worth noting that Salesforce has its button for bulk erasing data. To bulk delete in Lightning, the Bulk Delete button can be used. In the List View, we can select an item and then press the Bulk Delete button. The documents are then removed from the organization. This is for Lightning; If we want to use it as a classic, we have to use button JS.

In this blog, we will show you how to delete selected records (bulk delete) with the press of a button in the Salesforce Lightning component.

Step 1 – Download this from Salesforce AppExchange(

Step 2 – Go to set, find the VF page, and then Clone one of the VF Pages.

Here is the list of VF pages in the Org. We have to give access to the VF page for the User profile.

Now clone the VF page.

Step 3 – In the cloned page, replace this with the custom object where you want the button to exist.

Here are the details of the new cloned  VF page.

 We only need to change lines for Object Type.

Step 4 – Make a new button to go to a custom object.

This is the custom object page.

Now click on Buttons, Links, and Action Tab and create a new button.

Step 5 – Click on the search layout.

Step 6 – Add it to the search results.

Once you are done with the above button, add the button in Search Layout’s List View as shown below.

Step 7 – Go into the org, open the custom object tab, and go to the custom button.

Custom buttons always show on the other List View Option except Recently Viewed. Here there are three records available on Mass Delete Object.

Step 8 – Mass Delete!

Step 9 – Result After Mass delete. After delete, there is only one record available.

Nobody likes repetitive data entry, deletion, editing, or updates. However, reducing repetitive work can bring tremendous benefits to your business by spending time on customer service, reducing the risk of data errors, and improving work ethic by enabling employees to do more satisfying aspects of the job. In this article, we’ve discussed the Mass delete list view button for mass edit to avoid repetitive, monotonous work and save time, and increase productivity.

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