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Composer Lightning Component For Salesforce Mobile

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Salesforce customers have the option to create and deliver customized documents, reports, and presentations from mobile devices by leveraging the power of the Salesforce1 Platform with Conga Composer for Salesforce. 

Conga Composer is the cloud-based document management software that pulls information from your Salesforce org to help you rapidly, effectively, and reliably prepare customized customer documentation in your favored format. Pre-populate a scope of documents by drawing on existing information in Salesforce.

Moreover, Conga Composer provides an ultimate feature, the creation of Conga Solution Collections. It enables you to group related Conga Solutions and then quickly launch them. The Composer Lightning Component is used here than selecting from various Lightning actions or components.

It is possible to generate documents from Salesforce Mobile by Configuring the Composer Lightning Component as a Global Action. Users can create files from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This gets done by initiating the Composer Lightning Component from a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile.  

In this post, we will explore the steps to configure the Composer Lightning Component as a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile. 

Steps To Configure The Composer Lightning Component as a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile

Step 1:  Go to an existing/current Conga Solution Collection.

Step 2: Use the Toggle button for setting Yes to Salesforce1 Collection.

Step 3:  Go to Salesforce Setup.

Step 4:  Go to Quick Find Search Box, search for Global Actions, and click on Global Actions.

Step 5:  Make another Global Action by clicking on New Action.

  • Select Lightning_Component in Action Type. 
  • Go to the Lightning Component field and select APXTConga4:CongaComposerForSf1. 
  • Fill in the Label and Name fields for naming the Global Action.
  • Click on Save.

Step 6: Go back to Salesforce Setup and click Object Manager under the Objects and Fields section. 

Step 7: Click the Conga Solution Collection’s corresponding object in the Object Manager.

  • For instance, expecting the Conga Solution to work for the Account object, click the Account object in the Object Manager.

Step 8: Click Page Layouts.

Step 9:  Go to the Object Layout menu. Click on Mobile and Lightning Actions. 

Step 10:  Next, drag the newly created Global Action onto the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Action page format. 

Step 11: Click on Save.

Next, let’s start with Lightning Component from a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile. 

Step 1: Go to an object record in Salesforce Mobile where the Composer Lightning Component’s Global Action is available. 

Step 2:  Start and access the Composer Lightning Component. Click the as of late made Global Action. 

Step 3: Select the ideal solution from the Solution Collection to launch Composer with the Composer Lightning Component.


Conga Composer is a document creation tool that makes it easy to create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using Salesforce data. Conga can be used for various purposes like creating welcome letters, offers, invoices, contracts, etc. 

Composer Lightning Component lets you associate a Solution Collection to an object’s page layout. All Conga solutions in the selected Solution Collection will be available at launch when the Lightning Composer component is placed on a site page layout. When Composer components are built into your app, how users interact with them is determined by the settings defined by the dashboard, the dashboard visuals, the Composer user’s custom definition, and the groups and accounts that fall into that user definition.
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