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Top 10 Zoho CRM Integrations Of 2022

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Powerful tools have been on the rise since business leaders realized that computer solutions could aid them in many ways. 70% of companies say they intend to boost their investment in new technologies and CRM solutions.

That’s hardly surprising, given how quickly such solutions can aid in the optimization of company operations, cost reduction, and the automation of numerous time-consuming jobs. However, in today’s highly competitive market, it’s all about cultivating and maintaining relationships with prospects and consumers.

Therefore, CRM software has become an essential tool for businesses, and its expansion shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This is a strong trend that no company should ignore, especially since there are so many CRM systems that any firm can find something that works for them.

Out of many other CRM systems, the Zoho CRM system is one of the best solutions to explore. The most significant benefit of Zoho is that it is a powerful program that covers a wide range of corporate functions, including sales, marketing, IT, Help Desk, HR, finance, and many others. It may also be readily connected with various other products to help you improve your sales success.

Benefits Of System Integration

In the market nowadays, there are a plethora of handy internet tools. However, working with many tools simultaneously is not always straightforward. Minor tasks such as switching between several systems or manually upgrading them all might take a long time and effort. When it comes to IT system integration, here is where it comes in handy.

These are just a handful of the advantages that tool integration can provide. If you’re already implementing Zoho CRM, here are some of the top Zoho CRM  integrations you can use to optimize your sales processes and boost your outcomes.

Best 10 Zoho Integrations In 2022


Quizzes, suggestions, surveys, chatbots, forms, polls, and evaluations are just a few of the highly tailored and engaging content formats that your marketing team can build with Outgrow. At the same time, this technology allows you to capture and preserve vital client data that can be used to qualify and segment your leads.


Leadfeeder is an internet service that allows you to see which businesses visit your website. This will enable you to determine who is interested in your services and what they are searching for, allowing you to take action by contacting relevant firms who have already expressed an interest in your offer in some form.


CloudTalk is an intelligent call center software created specifically for sales and customer service teams in SMEs, online businesses, call centers, and tech startups. It has more than 40 advanced call center features and more than 25 powerful integrations, including one with Zoho CRM integrations. CloudTalk also offers international numbers from more than 70 countries.


Plecto is a sophisticated solution that lets you visualize real-time business KPIs on custom dashboards. You can quickly display your Zoho data in Plecto with this integration, which will help you enhance staff engagement and motivation. Plecto is an excellent technique to eliminate manual and repetitive labor.


Most organizations feel that sales and support staff are the most critical touchpoints in the total customer experience. As a result, you should take excellent care of them after the deal is completed to ensure a positive client experience.

Using a helpdesk platform like Zendesk is a terrific method to manage interactions with your prospects and keep your current clients. Fortunately, Zoho CRM and Zendesk work together effortlessly. Sales professionals have a comprehensive view of their prospects and clients.

WorkDrive by Zoho

From within Zoho CRM, users and staff may engage on client-related documents and files stored in WorkDrive. You can manage your files without having to return to WorkDrive.


Sync your Mailchimp campaigns with your CRM account with this two-way sync, and be notified when a subscriber is created or removed. Similarly, move your CRM contacts to Mailchimp so you can communicate with them via email campaigns. With the ZOHO CRM and Mailchimp Integration,  you can easily add contacts to your CRM, get notifications, distribute leads, etc.

SMS Smooth Messenger

From Zoho CRM, send templated MMS, SMS, WhatsApp messages, drip campaigns, appointment reminders, and one-off communications. Instantly view responses in your CRM and mobile app.


Sales, customer, and product data from your Shopify e-commerce store can be easily synced with Zoho CRM. This two-way sync allows you to add Shopify customers to Zoho CRM as contacts and track their purchases and spending.

Google Drive

Collaborate on documents related to clients’ and customers’ Zoho CRM records with clients and customers. Salespeople may use their Google Drive accounts to sync, share, and manage data in real time.

Final Thoughts

Here are the top 10 Zoho CRM connections that have been a hit among Zoho customers out of the hundreds available on Zoho Marketplace. Using these and additional integrations can help you boost your CRM game in 2022 and beyond.

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