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Trailhead To Double Down On India With Its First International Event

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Salesforce Inc., the CRM services giant, is bringing TrailheaDX – the skilling platform Trailhead’s flagship event – to India in December 2019 in a sign of the growing importance of the Indian market. This would be the first time Salesforce will be organizing the event outside of San Francisco.

Trailhead, the free learning platform of Salesforce, helps CRM professionals and enthusiasts acquire technology, management, and soft skills. Users can pick up skills for Google Analytics and Amazon Web Services apart from skills related to Salesforce, among others. 

Five years ago, the platform was introduced by Salesforce. Users can earn more than 700 badges and multiple certifications on the platform to enrich their resume.

The plans of Salesforce India for its learning platform synchronizes with the efforts of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the area of vocational training with Skill India, its flagship program.

Megan Petersen, Director – Trailhead Evangelism, Salesforce APAC, remarked this is the first time that Salesforce is going international with TrailheaDX. Petersen added this shows the commitment of Salesforce to the community in India and how important India is to its future. Petersen also remarked that the Indian community is the most passionate trailblazers and it is growing at an amazing pace.

It was also commented that TrailheaDX India will be a career fair and there would be a lot of student alignment in India as well. Petersen also said Trailhead was started by Salesforce so that the CRM giant can scale learning within Salesforce but it has grown out to be a bigger mission than that and today it is more about making learning accessible to everyone.

TrailheaDX India will have developer-focused content, given that the Indian Salesforce community largely comprising of software developers. So far, more than 1.8 million people have used Trailhead for acquiring new skills or upskill themselves.

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