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What is Salesforce Military-How Everyone Can Get Involved?

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Salesforce, the world’s number 1 customer relationship management (CRM) company, is known for its contributions to society. A few years back, the CRM giant launched the Salesforce Military Alliance that can be best described as a workforce development initiative to prioritize and accelerate the interviewing and hiring process of veterans and military spouses for Salesforce ecosystem roles.

Formerly known as Vetforce, the Salesforce Military Alliance is an excellent resource for service members who have transitioned and want to enhance their professional careers or enter a new field. 

The Salesforce Military Alliance offers a wide range of opportunities for veterans and military spouses to become developers, app builders, consultants, architects, marketers, or specialists and access an endless array of career growth, job opportunities, and salary advancements.

One of the best things about the Salesforce Military program is that it provides career-specific paths including Trailmixes to help support their learning. Furthermore, the Salesforce Military program allows these Trailblazers the unique option of sitting a virtual or an in-person Trailhead Academy class before sitting a Salesforce certification for free. 

In addition to all these advantages, the Salesforce Military program provides hotels, flights, and tickets to some of the most amazing Salesforce events such as TrailheaDX and Dreamforce.

Members can utilize this Salesforce job training and career accelerator program for military service members, veterans, and spouses to free classes, training, and career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. Also, the Salesforce Military Alliance helps veterans achieve the support, networking, and development that will let them land great careers at top companies.

To sign up, military service members, veterans, or spouses can visit the Salesforce Military program website. After this, they can create an account, initiate their learning journey, and complete the easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions and learning journeys.


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