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10 CRM Facts That Sales Professionals Should Know

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CRM has been profusely helping businesses across the globe when it comes to improving customer relationships. It has become a ray of hope when organizations like yours are dwindling with revenue growth and poor communication services. In the last few years, the sales domain of business framework has been an ardent user and a visible spectator of CRM to improve customer reach and management for success-driven organizations. It has been creating some pioneering results in terms of their customer satisfaction and relationship management by helping users deploy powerful CRM customization techniques. 

Below stated are some of the widening research facts about the concept of CRM which will be of great help for the sales professionals: 

  1. Nucleus research states that the minimal return on investment for CRM rounds to $8.71 for every dollar spent. 
  2. One of the top priorities for 48% of companies in regard to sales has been the improvement of their CRM sales track as per Admay Enfroy, a marketing expert. 
  3. 73% remained the average usage of CRM by the sales people while the minimal ROI period being 13 months, stated G2’s CRM summer research
  4. Hubspot state issued the statement wherein 22% of sales people are still not aware of the CRM software. 
  5. Research by Nucleus agency marked the increasing productivity of sales outreach by 26.4% on using CRM applications. While, Salesforce also analyzed the increase in sales upto 29% and forecast accuracy to 42% by using CRM. 
  6. Within the bracket of just last five years, 65% of businesses adopted CRM technology in their management, according to a research by Capterra.
  7. Software Advice reviewed that 74% of the CRM users mentioned the improved and effective access to the customer’s data after implementation of this software. 
  8. G2’s website recorded the spike in CRM products from 178 to 394 which is a 121.3% increase in a single year. 
  9. Another prominent fact stated by Nucleus research saw the shortened sales cycle of the salespeople by 8-14% with the effective data availability by CRM. 
  10. It was revealed by 47% of CRM users that CRM has a significant impact on their customer retention and satisfaction, as mentioned by the Capterra research. 

In a nutshell, employing CRM software or even accessing out-of-the-box CRM customization solutions in your organization profusely boosts the sales department and workforce by strategizing their work and helping them in keeping a track of the ascertained activities which are required in maintaining the communication across such a wide range of customers. Hence, if you are having second thoughts to use CRM, it is time to embrace CRM and just invest in the right effective CRM system. 

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