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Is Salesforce CRM Free For Nonprofits Organizations?

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Are you managing a nonprofit and looking to make the most of a seamless platform empowered with robust technology? If your answer is yes, this blog on Salesforce CRM for nonprofit organizations is just for you.

Undoubtedly, nonprofit organizations need to save money, raise funds, be connected, and manage everything for social causes. In this context, the role of a powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management (CRM) software cannot be overlooked. In this blog, we’ll talk about the Salesforce cloud platform and how it is helping nonprofit organizations worldwide.

CRM giant Salesforce is always ahead of its peers when it comes to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. It recently introduced Salesforce nonprofit cloud to help nonprofits to thrive in their mission. 

Over the last few years, Salesforce has been highly vocal and stood tall behind its vision to help society. It is evident from the fact that the Customer Relationship Management Giant recently single-handedly helped millions of Americans stay protected against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Now comes the big question – are Salesforce solutions for the nonprofits free? If not, what is the associated cost? Is everything available on a single and unified platform, and would nonprofits get a seamless workflow?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is curated by the CRM giant to help nonprofit organizations with forefront and out-of-the-box technologies at competitive and affordable prices. It is based on a carefully thought-out and robust data model that provides excellent solutions to the Customer Relationship Management requirements of the nonprofit organizations.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud provides curated features to guide nonprofit organizations with forefront and out-of-the-box technologies at affordable prices. With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, CRM users get access to features, including but not limited to Community Portals, Personalized Journey management, Donation Management, Reporting and Analysis, Income Management, Impact Management, Grant Management, Advocacy, Marketing Automation, Donor Engagement, Program delivery, Volunteer Management, Fund Raising, and more. 

Furthermore, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud helps nonprofits to access a wide range of Salesforce applications such as FormAssembly and DocuSign for requirements like building web forms, project management, digital signature, etc.

Benefits Of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce CRM for nonprofits provides a 360-degree view of the organization at highly competitive and affordable pricing to the nonprofit organizations. It offers a flexible, open, and scalable platform that guides the nonprofits to grow their way.

In a recent survey conducted by Cloud for Good, it was revealed that 76 percent of the nonprofits using Salesforce, the world’s number 1 customer relationship management software, has reported that the CRM suite is allowing them to perform their job seamlessly.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

The Nonprofit Success Pack from Salesforce is an excellent method deployed by the CRM giant to give back to society. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is attuned to serving the requirements of the nonprofits. 

One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is that it allows the addition of nonprofit-ready components. These components include donor management or ready-made constituent add-ons on the highly scalable and flexible Salesforce Nonprofit cloud data architecture. 

This way, the Nonprofit Success Pack from Salesforce provides a comprehensive, high-end, and cutting-edge platform for managing donations, fundraising campaigns, programs, and volunteer management.

For nonprofits, the combination of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack is a powerful tool that aids nonprofits with a robust platform and technologies. Moreover, they allow nonprofits to collaborate with donors, fundraisers, and volunteers; it is also helpful to manage organizational workflows and help nonprofits communicate seamlessly for campaigns. 

The best thing is that the combined potential of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack can be enhanced further through Salesforce integration with thousands of amazing applications on the Salesforce AppExchange.

In addition to this, Salesforce has a massive community of professional developers, experts, users, and organizations that helps, backs up, and nourishes the Nonprofit Success Pack efficiently.

Salesforce Power of Us Program

Salesforce recently launched the Power of Us program through which the CRM giant donates 10 Salesforce subscriptions free to the eligible nonprofits. Through this program, Salesforce provides additional deep discounts, products, affordable packages, training, services, subscriptions, and events to the nonprofit-based organizations.

The Salesforce Power of Us program is of great advantage to the start-up nonprofits with a limited budget.

The complete package of the Salesforce Power of Us program consists of:

  • 10 donated free Enterprise Edition Licenses.
  • Deep discounts on Salesforce events.
  • Discounts on multiple Salesforce training options.
  • Discounts on products and additional services offered by Salesforce.
  • Discounts on consulting partner programs and paid Salesforce AppExchange apps.

Under this program, nonprofits are also eligible to access the Donor Management App developed by for free. The exciting aspect of this app is that it is highly customizable, easy-to-use, and easily integrable. Moreover, it can be used for donations, households, volunteers, constituents, and more. By using this app, nonprofits can boost their funds and engage as well as retain their constituents.

Salesforce Einstein for Nonprofits (AI for Good program)

A super-smart AI-enabled platform, Salesforce Einstein, enables the users to make data-driven and effective decisions. The Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an application based on Salesforce Einstein. It offers the power to nonprofits to take a deep dive into their data for predicting future steps, analyzing trends, and making an impact through their operations and services.

In a Connected nonprofit Report published by, it was revealed that 90 percent of the donors were curious to know the impact of their donations to the causes they have contributed to. It was also shown that 65 percent of the donors tend to donate more when they are of the view that their nonprofits know what they prefer.

Using Salesforce Analytics, the nonprofit users can use the analytics as a part of the Nonprofit Success Pack extension to unlock the insights from their fundraising data. Nonprofit organizations can utilize the Salesforce templates for Einstein Analytics for implementing specific use-cases analytics without having much technical knowledge and within a few minutes. Salesforce Analytics is also beneficial to allow connected and seamless CRM data that helps nonprofit users to access compelling insights into their visualization and data platform.

Pricing Comparison

Salesforce nonprofit Success Pack can be accessed by nonprofit organizations through the Salesforce Lightning Ultimate Edition or the Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Edition. The CRM giant Salesforce provides deep discounts on the Enterprise Editions or free licenses in the available nonprofit Salesforce Enterprise editions.

  1. Lightning Unlimited Edition, along with the Nonprofit Success Pack, comes for a price of $72 per user per month (this amount is billed annually). Initially, it comes for $300 per user per month (this amount is billed annually) for regular users.
  2. Lightning Enterprise Edition, along with the Nonprofit Success Pack, comes for $36 per user per month (this amount is billed annually). Originally, it comes for $150 per user per month (this amount is billed annually) for regular users.

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