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Truly Leverage And Delegate Your Team For Success?

How To Truly Leverage And Delegate Your Team For Success?

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Delegation is a powerful management skill that business managers leverage to achieve goals. Decision makers and managers always seem to exhaust their supply of time while doing work contrary to their subordinates that run out of office. It’s quite noticeable that managers are busier than their coordinates.

Why so? The simple explanation to this is because a majority of managers lack delegation skills. 

Before the process of delegation starts, it is important to understand the concept of Team Management. Recognizing the importance of collaboration at the workplace is the accurate perception of a leader. Working as a team in an organization serves a crucial purpose on the way to success. 

Understanding Team Management

A few tasks require only your attention, whereas some need various individuals to complete the job. To think alike and to be on the same page to achieve a common goal describes healthy teamwork. Everything must take a backseat when working as a team and your team and the goal should be your foremost priorities. One needs to understand the skill sets of Team Management as well. 

  1. Be a Leader: A team manager should be a mentor and a leader, rather than a boss. One must live in a comfortable zone with their seniors and superiors, hence representing a healthy relationship.
  2. Clear Communication: Suggestions must be discussed in an open forum that serves the impression of an unbiased leader. Also, it makes everyone on the team aware of each individual’s roles and responsibilities.
  3. Team Satisfaction: Every member of the team should have easy access to the superiors and must be conveyed at the same level of information to avoid confusion and conflicts.
  4. Increased Performance: Appreciation keeps the team spirits high. Appraisals, perks, incentives, etc. are the instruments to motivate the team members, which in return are crucial drivers for team performance.
  5. Good Listener: To build a capable team, you must possess excellent listening skills. It includes asking problems from the employees, questioning them, and even providing them with solutions.

The mentioned skill sets might get you a perfect team, but you would be still halfway as you are yet to leverage them. 

Let us now explore two amazing tips that can help a leader like you reach their full potential.

  1. One must be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of every member of their team. SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis serves the best when it comes to finding new things about a member of the team.
  2. Allocating Roles: After recognizing about strengths and weaknesses of their team, a good leader maps the work accordingly. The team members then work together, happily and sincerely as they get assigned what they are expert at. It also serves as a support system for the team as well as a powerful support system for the organization.

Ajay Dubedi, the CEO of Cloud Analogy, who runs a successful business with more than two hundred employees, quotes an anonymous, saying, “The really expert riders of horses let the horse knows immediately who is in control, but then guide the horse with loose reins and seldom use the spurs.” 

Delegation of any task is of utter importance as you shouldn’t be doing everything on your own. It empowers your teammates along the way, builds trust, and assists with professional development. As a leader, it gives you a clear on who is suited best to tackle tasks and projects. Delegation clears the material on your plate and along the way, teaches your teammates with enhanced knowledge, new skills, and prepares them for future responsibilities.

Right Delegation Can Ensure Success

With a recent shift in responsibility in your leadership role, you must have a prior project that you now have to assign to your subordinates and teach them how to do it. 

Delegating tasks is a way of sharing the workload and progress with everyone. Few tips that help with the right delegation of your responsibilities:

  1. The right person for the job: Let people choose the task that builds trust and inspires engagement among the team. The trick here is to assign and suggest as per the strengths of the members.
  2. Explain your selection: Despite letting your team choose their task, you must understand who does what works efficiently as a leader. Represent the task delegated as an opportunity to boost the team members’ morale and improve their skills.
  3. Instruction manual: Transparency in the goal and milestone of your employees is the best way to tackle their problems. Guidance is the key. Every person has his way of completing a task and has a different way to focus on the outcome than the idea of doing.
  4. Feedback: Getting the work done is the first part of the job; it’s the employer’s responsibility to check the work when finished and provide feedback. It will help the person to improve in his future work.

Pass on the baton. It’s time for you to move higher in responsibility and build the best team at your organization. You will need practice while working on the same, but eventually, you will learn and become an efficient delegator with a strong team. 

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