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Tips And Tricks For Successful Change Management In Salesforce

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What is that one thing that drives your business? Yes, it’s your customer base. To be successful, you need to have a strong customer base, and for that, you need effective change management in your system. 

Your most important asset – your customer – provides you valuable feedback and drives your business revenue, so it is necessary to make them your priority. And to build this relationship, you need to adopt the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

But, what is CRM? 

Coming to that, CRM is a data-driven platform that acknowledges your current and potential customers. It provides accurate information regarding your clients, the traffic on your website, customer feedback, etc. 

It delivers actionable insights, sales data, one-stop storage solutions, and a secure communication platform. 

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your CRM is unless your team works towards regular changes. Hence, Salesforce every year comes up with three new versions, i.e., Spring, Summer, and Winter editions, to meet their customer’s needs and expectations. 

Working towards Successful Change Management in Salesforce is essential, and you require a few tips :

* OCM expertise would be helpful:

An Organizational Change Management (OCM) Expert outside your organization would give a kickstart to your Change Management in Salesforce as the concerned person would be free of bias and genuinely committed to bringing about a change in your organization.

The OCM expert would look after hierarchical chain management, staff feedback, prescribing clear roles and responsibilities, the prerequisite for your organization for successful change management. 

*Creating a new and a clear vision:

To affirm that you’re heading in the right direction, the most potent thing to keep in mind is ‘change.’ Changes can be brought in the working environment when your staff comes up with new ideas and adapts to the new changes brought by the organization. 

A clear vision helps in bringing new ideas to the table and updating the system with new ones.

Now let’s work towards creating successful change management in Salesforce through some key ideas, which are as follows:

*Start developing new strategies:

The critical component for any organization to grow is to start with small, simple steps and bring changes at regular intervals for effective monitoring. You can start with the intermediate phase, and with time your organization will grow with new ideas around the corner. 

*Input of your colleagues is essential:

Create a Chatter Group for your end-users to capture ideas, comments, and questions. Post links to training, process documents, frequently asked questions, and other helpful resources in the left sidebar. 

Additional bonus: You will find that users will start to help each other and answer questions, freeing time for you.

Use Salesforce CRM Ideas functionality to create a two-way communication channel. Users appreciated, and they can always see the latest status of your ideas; for example, under consideration, Approved or Rejected.

*Follow up:

Following up on your new releases and identifying the measure of their success is a crucial stage wherein, you can realize what more needs to be done and understand your customer’s needs and expectations. 

There is no general approach to the success of Change Management, as things must be expanded and reduced according to the organization’s needs. However, I hope this post and these tips start the necessary conversations and keep the human aspect of Change Management at the forefront of any of your Salesforce projects.

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