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How To Measure Social Insights Across the Customer Journey?

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Social Media has revolutionized the way businesses promote their products and services. The best way to know about your customer’s preferences and views is to connect with them on social media. It is imperative to take an expedition into your customers’ purchasing perspectives. Through their comments on a particular product or service, you get to know their actual requirements, so that you put your best foot forward to create a rich customer experience. By following these steps, you gain essential social insights and measure social returns:

  1. Connect cross-channel views: Through a multitude of social channels, marketers can connect with customers. Moreover, customers are concerned more about getting a phenomenal experience whilst using your product or service. 

With the help of API connectors, you can integrate data from your marketing platforms. For instance, a plethora of marketers use tools like Datorama to connect data from the social studio. Social data help you to go deeper into industry trends, competitiveness, brand image, etc.  

  1. Using awareness/consideration data: A combination of tools and data helps you increase your insights. Social Studio provides you aid to navigate through social sentiment, listening, keywords, etc. Then, Datorama helps you combine this with data from other channels such as display, search, and email to gain knowledge of the entire spectrum of your audience and competitors.
  1. Growth metrics for feasible decisions: It is necessary to provide an enriching experience to your customers, but above all, ROI matters a lot, and marketers strive for greater profits in the end. Your tools play a pivotal role in taking you closer to the deepest insights. If your tools have artificial intelligence then you can easily get a view of real-time analysis. This will provide marketers a deeper understanding of what’s work for them and what’s not. 

These are just some of the methods to gain social insights across the Customer Journey. So, adopt these to know more and better about your customers. 

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