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How To Perform A CRM Needs Assessment?

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Which CRM will  cater all your specific needs and requirements? Do you have any idea? Before finding the right vendor and giving time to research, you ought to perform CRM needs assessment. For this, we need to clearly define our CRM goals. After outlining your specific goals for the CRM requirements, you ought to follow 3 approaches for performing a CRM needs assessment and they are as follows:

  • Top-down
  • Bottom up
  • Hybrid

Top-down: In a multitude of smaller organizations, the hierarchy from top to bottom follows. Top-down approach relies on the expertise and experience of the senior leadership in the organization. For instance, if your company has hired a senior IT engineer then his enriching paramount experience with CRM technology will be beneficial for your organization in the identification and sequencing of the CRM needs.

Bottom up: The frontline employees like the marketing team, account executives, and customer success agents make use of software on a daily basis instead of the senior management. So, this approach works from bottom to top. 

Hybrid: In the hybrid approach, there is a combination of two approaches, which are Top-down and Bottom-up. This includes senior leaders along with mid-level and front-line users that can evaluate all aspects and take cognizance of long-term goals as well as the execution process, including daily user experience. 

Upgrade your CRM with the approaches given above and improve your business operations along with customer relationships.

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