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10 Mind-Blowing Statistics That Prove The Need For A CRM

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Business is a field where revenue generation is strong along with an equally involved risk. All this caters to a large number of people, who become their potential and reliable customers. It becomes a priority for the organization to manage the communication services with their customers at par with utmost efficiency. It is an easy task to reign in new customers, but a tedious one to retain them in the long run. 

However, in this digital world, we have a solution to every problem, and in managing your customer relationships, one solution is CRM, i.e, Customer Relationship Management Software. A system that should always be in the “must-have” list of the organizations. 

CRM has become an anchor for businesses to grow and compete in this fast-paced world. But potential researchers, still predict some percentage of businesses not adopting this gamechanger, hence, illustrating some points below that will bring around your decision to deploy CRM in your business: 

  1. Research by Grand View states that CRM is the fastest-growing software in the market that is claiming a nearly 600% increase by 2025. 
  2. Customer experience is the top-notch ability that users are able to improve by implying the CRM technology which ranks much higher than mobile access, social capabilities, or content marketing, mentioned the SuperOffice
  3. Oracle, the leading technology research agency, found out a remarkable percentage of buyers are willing to pay more for an effective brand exposure around 86%. 
  4. Sources like Groove mentions how satisfied customers are fourteen times more likely to buy a product again rather than a new customer. 
  5. CRM is likely to improve customer satisfaction and retention by 27%, as per the sources of TrackVia
  6. New Voice Media duly stated that 47% of consumers would definitely recommend a business to others if it successfully provided good customer service
  7. Research shows that variably 79% of businesses using CRM are able to maintain better customer relationships by Software Advice
  8. Standardized facts by Nucleus stated that the cost of investing in CRM tends to be high but the average return is from $5.60 to $8.71 for every dollar spent. 
  9. Spike of 300% improvement is incurred in sales conversion with the usage of CRM, mentioned Cloudswave
  10. Data from Linkedin indicated that 64.2% of companies using a CRM system have reviewed this technology as “very impactful” in producing great results and growth of their businesses. 

These points significantly highlight the standout quality of the CRM implementation, which lets you understand your customer’s minds and needs. Not only you create a great flux of information with that but also use it in delivering effective communication services to your customers. 

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