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Customer 360 Transformation: The Importance of Changing Mindsets in Your Organization

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Do you really want  to expand the frontiers of your business? Who doesn’t? I can sense your mind and the answer is very much clear and predictable to me. But, what are you doing to actually manifest it? Daydreaming won’t work, we ought to think differently in order to convert dreams into reality. So, for propelling in business, it is imperative to be customer-centric. The foremost thing is to provide an experience to your customers, so that they will return to you and multiply your business. 

Even synchronizing with technology and digitization wont’ work, you ought to reinvent, plan, modify your existing approaches for growth. Keeping customers in the centre is the new and success-assurance mantra. Let’s check out.

Customer 360 Transformation

Salesforce after an in depth research and discussion with ace leaders has created a playbook that highlights or focussed on customer 360 transformation- an approach that keeps customers in the center of your feedback loop and innovation cycle. Customer 360 Transformation brings the attention of every department, employee, stakeholders towards the customer’s requirements. 

For becoming customer-focussed, you need to work towards changing mindsets. A multitude of CEOs for bringing a transformation, opt for two ways of changes:

  1. Renovate Mindset
  2. Transcend Mindset

Using the hottest technology to keep abreast of innovation, with the aim to reduce costs and increase productivity, then we will switch to normal,is the Renovate Mindset.

Transcend Mindset is to use freed-up cash to experiment with new and diverse ways of creating customer-value.

These two approaches remain quite product-centric. For your business to become customer- focused, it is wise to switch from renovate mindset to evolve mindset. 

You need to evaluate the mindsets of your employees and management so that you can positively work towards changing them if required. For instance, you can ask these questions to dig deeper:

  1. In your team, who are the leaders and employees that are most customer-centric? What are they doing to be customer-centric? What can we learn from them?
  2. Who are digital disruptors?
  3. How can we help our employees to change their mindsets?

To propel  in the right direction, your company needs to adopt the model, consisting of 4 essential steps:

  1. Customer-centric business processes
  2. One-team aligned around the customer
  3. Leanest possible Technology stack
  4. Sense and Respond

Don’t just sit and think that magic will happen and then your business quadruples. Change your mindset and include the concept of Customer 360 Transformation in your business approach.


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Salesforce Consultant | Solutions Engineering Head
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