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Data Privacy In Salesforce

Everything You Need To Know About Data Privacy In Salesforce

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When we submit our details on any platform, our main concern is, would it be safe? Data privacy is important because it’s what protects and secures your data against authorized access.

Privacy matters the most when your customers are trusting you with their data. The data you incur from your customers while they purchase from you or visit your site or register on your website is their personal information that needs to be protected.

According to reports, the estimate is that 83% of companies’ workload will be on Cloud storage, giving companies more reason to ensure data privacy as anyone can have access to any information on the cloud from any device and various SaaS platforms like Salesforce and others. 

To ensure data privacy, Salesforce requires some order management tools to help data regulation and data restriction.

Delete Salesforce Order Management Records

Privacy and data protection policies may require the deletion of records used in Salesforce Order Management. Because many of these records share complex relationships, the order in which you delete them is essential. If you delete a file before deleting another record that references it, the reference may cause errors. When designing your disposal procedures, consider the following requirements.

When a record is derived from another document, delete the obtained file before the original record. This rule affects all summary objects. For example, when you cancel an order, remove the corresponding order summary and any related change orders.

Deleting a record does not automatically delete files that belong to it. For example, when you cancel an order, first remove your order items. Also, remember to delete summaries from order items before order items.

General Data And Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR acts as a blueprint for managing customer’s data and respecting their privacy. 

Salesforce has seen a continuing demand for customization because customers expect it. They are also concerned about what happens to data in the companies’ hands that market and sell them.

For Salesforce, customer privacy is #1 priority. Customers have a keen interest in knowing what happens to their data and how companies are using them or how they can tell companies to stop using their data. 

Data Protection & Salesforce 

As you enter data into a cloud app like Salesforce, it’s a joint responsibility between you and Salesforce to protect it. SaaS applications are secure, but once the data comes to the SaaS environment, it becomes the company’s responsibility to protect it.

CCPA and GDPR mainly contain a default notification law, which requires companies to protect customer information, places the financial service provider’s burden to protect it, and a requirement for organizations to know what information is archived and delete it if the need arises.

This model extends to multiple cloud platform providers such as Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc.

Like GDPR, other upcoming regulations will change the fate of the customer’s data privacy, for instance,  CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that workaround for data privacy and customer protection. 

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