5 Things to know about Salesforce Field Service Lightning

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Salesforce, the world #1 CRM provider and one of the best customer success platforms, has made our life easier and simpler by launching Field Service Lightning (FSL), a mobile-friendly field service hub. It has been created and deployable for companies with a mobile workforce and/or contractors. 

This feature is based on the Salesforce platform that delivers a fully-automated and versatile solution to the environment of field service. Not only does Field Service Lightning becomes smarter, but it looks brilliant and engaging with the new Lightning look.


So, here in this blog post, we will discuss what is Salesforce Field Service Lightning, how does it work, how it helps in improving businesses, what are its features, and much more.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a robust and highly customized tool within the Service Cloud, a Salesforce product that offers speedy, efficient, and personalized services from the phone to the field, all within a single platform. It empowers the customer support teams to handle customers’ records and data in the field within the Salesforce.

Field Service Lightning allows you to book, schedule, and dispatch jobs to the right mobile employee, generate work orders to track maintenance and appointments, access information from any mobile device, and much more.  

The reason why FSL is getting so popular day-by-day is due to the advantages it offers when it comes to streamlining business processes. Before FSL, it was a head-scratching task to track employees, stock, vehicles, etc. But, with the highly customized features of FSL, it is now simple to organize everything accurately. Salesforce’s FSL tool focuses on putting the right mobile employee in the right place, at the right time, to meet customers’ expectations.

What does Field Service Lightning offer to Salesforce Users?

  • Assists admins with the ability to configure and manage particular work rules to manage territories, business priorities, and service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Traces electronic signature for work orders or service reports. 
  • Enables Field Service Lightning Reps to finish work orders while operating on the job site.
  • Assigns accurate time recommendations for customers based upon available schedules and travel time.
  • Provides support from anywhere by 3000 field service reps, including contractors.

 Key features of Field Service Lightning

1.Create and manage work orders from any case quickly and easily

Salesforce Field Service Lightning helps you create and manage work order efficiently for field service operations and allows to view knowledge articles and track SLA compliance as well. To extract your data across Salesforce, you need to integrate your work orders with accounts, contacts, cases, and other objects. It enables supervisors to view and manage work either from a Gantt chart (a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule) or map view.

2.Assign jobs smartly based on  availability and skills

In the process of effective scheduling, tasks are automatically allocated to the right resources based on skills, locations, and availability to enhance the productivity of the employees. Furthermore, there are a set of features like smart scheduling, tracking of crews, tools, and equipment to ensure that the correct resources and tools are available for the job.

3.Leverage AI to increase first-time fix rate

 Einstein’s vision allows mobile employees to utilize mobile recognition to identify assets and parts in images quickly. With the image’s classification, you can describe the rights steps to be taken by technicians for delivering faster and smarter service. 

4.Organize job from any mobile device

The Field Service Lightning-powered apps have brought the whole process of on-site management to your mobile workforce. You can reform the first-visit resolution by offering mobile employees with a best-in-class mobile solution that delivers job schedules. 

Einstein’s AI, visibility of inventory, knowledge articles, and real-time interaction can be accessed, either offline or online mode. The FSL mobile apps are customized for the fulfillment of the mobile workforce need.

5.Make smarter decisions faster

With analytics features, managers and dispatchers can easily view the operational performance and key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling them to move your data from multiple platforms, and resolve customer complaints and problems before they happen. 

How do Field Service Lightning works?

These are three essential partners involved in the whole process of Field Service Lightning.


Call Center Executive – A CCE is an important entity that provides assistance to the client. The client requests service and the executive makes a corresponding record in the Service Cloud. The call center executive can also book an appointment for a specialist but cannot perform any other action than this.


Dispatcher – The Dispatcher deals with the records, work orders, and appointments with the coordination of field professionals and experts.The Dispatcher Console is built upon the Service Cloud Console inside Salesforce.

Field Service Technician – The FSL technician makes use of the FSL mobile applications on their cell phones to get service orders, update them accordingly, and even ask for client signatures. They can view client records and all related data individually.

Field Service Lightning’s main benefit is to help the mobile workers to know where they need to be on time with all the required information to provide the best unified and personalized experience for the customers. It offers workers the tools and techniques to modify the mobile workforce distribution and keep their clients updated at each process. 

Field Service Lightning provides them the functionality to manage their jobs in the field with an offline application for Android and iOS and manage their workers and other reps within the same platform. 

  • Appointments and work orders can be created from the Service Cloud Console on Salesforce and can be integrated into existing records, accounts, contracts, etc.
  • Resources, client assets, and computerized service schedule setup can be tracked based on client resource data.
  • Smart Scheduling increases efficiency to manage a list of field workforce optimization assigned appointments to professionals.
  • Dispatcher Console is the main working place from where the dispatchers can progressively track and monitor service delivery.
  • For data analytics, you need to buy a different license for Wave Analytics and integrate it. It serves you the benefit of creating Service Reports and Custom Field Service Lightning Reports.

Benefits of Field Service Lightning

Enhances employee efficiency and productivity

It enables technicians to be more impactful and utilize most of their time in the field with schedule optimization. This platform performs integration of work orders with accounts, assets, contacts, and cases that you import as data within Salesforce. Employees can be more flexible and fruitful with the ability to work using their own mobile phones. You can easily modify work orders and assign job schedules accurately.


Efficient and streamlined communication– Communication is a very critical part of the field service business. The process of moving data within the platform needs to be tracked and managed correctly to fruitful customers’ requirements.

Field Service Lightning provides the feature of live agent chat and real-time collaboration that provide an ideal connection to support person from customer and to employees from other employees. 

Customer support is offered to customers with the option of communication through different media channels. Effective communication is a vital tool that makes field service management easy.

Improved Inventory Management

With a field service business, inventory can be used in multiple locations, warehouses, and service vehicles. Real-time inventory numbers are important when managing business assets. The Field Service Lightning platform will allow real-time tracking of products and components. This data is available to all users, regardless of wherever they may be.

Create a great customer experience

Field Service Lightning can help your team in making customer service our first priority. It enhances customer loyalty by reducing and resolving errors before they happen and providing personalized service.

You can improve customer experience by reducing friction and make customers satisfied with your high-quality service. This can be achieved by the delivery of ease of use service through mobile phones, minimizing waiting time, and allowing real-time collaboration. 


The Field Service Lightning platform is implemented to provide out-of-the-box solutions for your business. It provides an intelligent and efficient onsite service. It allows accessing quicker and smarter delivery and superior personalized service from the mobile phone to the field on a single platform. 


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