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Get Started With Salesforce Digital Engagement

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The era of connected customers has arrived. Your customers live in an instant, mobile world where ultrafast service is the entry price and personalization reign supreme. They connect across more channels than most businesses could ever imagine, and they switch to new favorites daily. With customers interacting with companies over an average of ten channels, it’s no more a question of what channels you can support.

Moreover, customers are so used to switching channels smoothly to fit their wants and preferences that they expect your service personnel to do the same. Customers want a reliable and consistent experience every time they interact with your firm, whether in retail, financial services, healthcare, or everything in between.

In this regard, Salesforce Digital Engagement responds to messages received through various platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more. In today’s work-from-home world, digital engagement is a must-have for a CRM development company, as it ensures that service centers can serve consumers via their preferred communication mode. While it’s most commonly employed in service-related settings, it can also be used for sales.

Introducing Salesforce Digital Engagement

Every firm can have customized 1-to-1 discussions with clients on the channels they prefer with Salesforce Digital Engagement. Companies can provide consistent service across channels using messaging apps like SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, webchat, and social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and do so more effectively with automation like chatbots. Since digital engagement is built right into the Salesforce platform, your agents will have a 360-degree view of every customer, across all channels, with no need to switch screens. Moreover, Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud both have digital engagement functionalities.

Why Leverage Salesforce Digital Engagement?

Personalized And Linked Services 

Customers would abandon brands that do not customize communications 52% of the time. Optimize your service channel interaction using Digital Engagement to meet your consumers with the correct channel at the right moment, such as message, chat, and social networks. You may improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by optimizing each encounter. Then, proceed by enhancing and automating every encounter with Einstein Bots to resolve concerns more quickly and intelligently.

Automatically Tackle Client Complaints

Use Einstein Bots to automate common questions or typical business activities across digital channels to get started with AI. Einstein Bots are built natively on the platform. Thus, you can create an experience once and distribute it across multiple digital channels, such as in-app and web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Moreover, Einstein Bots will be able to do some easy tasks directly with your consumers, such as answering simple FAQs and guiding customers through common workflows.

Bid Adieu To Screen Swapping 

Conversations from all channels are smoothly directed to the correct agent at the right time with omni channel routing. Because of the asynchronous nature of digital engagement, staff can handle cases more quickly by switching between up to 10 chats at a time rather than just one phone call. Furthermore, on the Lightning Service Console, all of the data and information that the agent requires is accessible from a single screen. It allows agents to spend less time looking for answers and more time building client relationships, resulting in a better overall experience. And, to retain that efficiency, Trailhead will assist you in keeping your agents up to date on the rapidly evolving digital landscape’s requirements.

How To Get Started With Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement enables you to deploy digital support and automation more quickly while easily connecting your existing Service Cloud data, removing the redundant silos effect. With Digital Engagement, you can effortlessly add new channels and provide a consistent, wonderful experience to your customers no matter where they are.

The best part is that once your agents have become proficient with one channel, they will manage all of them. Agents may manage discussions on their end in the same way, regardless of medium, with the Lightning Service Console. Even though digital engagement makes it simple to get started, it’s critical to understand your consumers’ demands and how they connect with your business.

Determine The Location Of Your Consumers

Examine your consumers’ current locations and how they connect with your business. How are they approaching you for help? Which devices do they prefer to use the most: mobile or desktop? Then, from highest to lowest, rank the percentage of users across various devices.

Meet Your Customers

You can assess which channels make the most sense based on the percentage of users detected across each device. For example, do you have a lot of mobile traffic on your website or portal? You can even add a button to your mobile browser that allows clients to contact your business via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Moreover, keep track of whether there is a lot of traffic on the desktop version of the website? Also, consider adding real-time chat. But, again, it depends on your consumers’ demands and the channels via which they now communicate with you.

Identify How To Scale Assistance With Einstein Bots

Begin by identifying your most commonly asked questions and outlining the top use cases across your channels. Is there a channel preference among customers when it comes to particular questions? Overall, think about how your chatbot can help you with cases, whether managing the entire case or gathering information for the customer support agent ahead of time.


Digital engagement is a term that explains how businesses interact with customers across all digital touchpoints, such as mobile messaging, web chat, social media, and more. Salesforce digital engagement is a great way to create a consistent service experience across all platforms while maintaining a better client service. A customer’s journey typically comprises marketing, selling, and servicing in a way that allows them to transfer across channels without disrupting their great experience.

When used in conjunction with Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce Digital Engagement is a powerful tool that can provide Service and Sales Managers with an audit trail. Moreover, a Salesforce app development company can track crucial metrics like the number of conversations held during a given timeframe.

Want to connect all your data and have a unified view of your customer? Get in touch with the Cloud Analogy team of experts and leverage the top-notch Salesforce Integration Services to boost business growth and increase profits.

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