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Streamlining the salesforce sales cloud using Slack and Quip

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Slack allows you to effortlessly collaborate with your team by connecting you to the people and things you use every day. The Salesforce and Slack integration allow you to interact in real-time between Slack and Salesforce Chatter, enhancing team collaboration and productivity while optimizing searches across platforms.

Customers are impatient and do not want to communicate over email or phone.   As per Gartner, 80 % of B2B sales interactions will occur mostly through digital channels by 2025. Salesforce and Slack make your life easier with Sales Cloud for Slack, which brings the rich context of Salesforce directly into Slack with an app. Slack provides a way to incorporate quick updates to Sales Cloud records or pull in the relevant context while staying in the flow of work. It brings about a transformation in how sales teams communicate, collaborate, and act on customer information from Salesforce. Slack acts as your Digital HQ and offers a central place where your hybrid and remote teams can collaborate online and break down the communication siloes. So, the sales reps, managers, and others can quickly tap into business processes, valuable data, and cross-functional partners from Salesforce. 

In this post, we will discuss what is Slack, the benefits of using Slack, the benefits of using Sales Cloud for Slack, and what can be done with Quip.

What is Slack?

Slack is a commonly used team collaboration application that allows teams to communicate in real-time and keep everyone organized. When you use a channel-based messaging platform like Slack, it helps you integrate all tools used by your team to get the work done. It helps in seamless project management, communicates better, increases employee engagement, and enhances overall efficiency. It ensures data security at the highest level. Slack is easy, flexible, and approachable. It replaces the various communication styles like email, text, and instant messaging and keeps them in a single app.  Salesforce and Slack have joined together to make it easier than before to connect customers, employees, and partners with the help of apps, conversations, and data that empowers digital workflows for a whole new way of working.

Benefits of Using Slack:

The benefits are as follows:

  • Everyone can discuss what they’re working on and see what’s going on across the organization.
  • You can join public or private channels to stay up to date on subjects or work together to solve problems.
  • Teammates can collaborate on an opportunity or account via Slack, with pertinent information that is easily available and updated.
  • The slack channel allows you to work on a document and have a question or suggestion, and add contextual comments. 
  • Slack also provides useful reminders and insights to keep salespeople productive and transactions going forward.

Slack offers a competitive edge for sales teams, in addition to being a wonderful

tool to connect people together no matter where they are.

Share Information as a Team

Salespeople have a lot of data to give. Regardless, they must process a large amount of data to complete their tasks. Because email burnout (or lost emails) can result from this information overload, here’s a suggestion:

Keep all that information that needs to be shared in a team Slack channel to avoid email fatigue. 

Collaborate on Opportunities

There’s a lot of data to track when you have a team of employees focusing on one opportunity. Everyone has distinct responsibilities, therefore each person may have their thoughts, updates, files, and other information to give. Fortunately, sales teams can collaborate seamlessly via Slack, with support teams and external stakeholders chiming in and out as appropriate.

Reps, managers, sales engineers, sales operations, executives, and sales development reps can all use dedicated channels to offer in-context information and collaborate on deals at any stage. Meanwhile, specialists in finance, product, marketing, service, and legal can share information and give permission. You can easily create a brief audio huddle from within a Slack channel when a live chat is required.

Additionally, because Slack is connected with CRM, everyone gets access to account and opportunity data, as well as real-time alerts that signal changes in deal stage, amount, or close date.

What can be done with Quip, that provides Another Level of Productivity?

A Quip is a cloud-based tool that breathes new life into all of your projects. It brings together documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and chat in one location for everyone with permission to access from any device, even if they’re offline. You can use these spreadsheets, templates, and documents inside Sales Cloud and allow your team to work in one place, in real-time, without scattering the data in emails and files.  Moreover, Quip is a strong tool for collaborating, making every moment productive, and assisting sales teams in staying aligned and closing more deals, from anywhere. It provides the visibility needed by your team around the right activities and right accounts to achieve your business goals. Finally, user adoption is fast and implementation is easy with Quip. 

Here are some interesting things you can do with Quip: 

Build a Plan, Together.

Quip can be used by an account team for creating any documentation they require while working on an opportunity. Consider an account strategy. It is created by one individual, and then everyone can contribute their products. If they wish to ask someone a question, they can modify or add comments. The nicest thing is that no one slows down the group by asking, “Is this the most recent version?” because of course it is!

Open Salesforce Reports in Quip

You have a lot of data on Sales Cloud, and you need to organize it sometimes. Consider Sales Cloud to be your personal walk-in closet. It’s lovely, huge, and, most importantly, well-organized. Quip is the closet organizer—it keeps your report data structured and searchable by allowing you to open Salesforce reports directly in Quip.

You don’t have to run the report over and over because they’re always in sync. This is very useful for keeping your team on the same page. You can choose what you want to see, highlight what you want to attract attention to, and mention certain people to get their comments or attention. You can easily integrate the spreadsheet into another document, such as your team updates. 

What can you Achieve with Salesforce and Quip?    

Quip for Slack is changing the way of working. Quip and Slack help smart companies overcome the universal challenge of working together, from anywhere. The team productivity suite combines with the team chat platform to improve the productivity of your team. This is possible by Quip adding documents, task lists, and spreadsheets to your Slack experience. The ideas pop up in Slack but Quip is where it happens when you want to complete the work. 

A typical day of a sales rep starts with the Digital HQ of Slack and they use a channel to stay on the same page. All conversations, files, and context for communications are located in a single place making it easy to navigate. Since Quip and Slack are connected the Slack message can be added to Quip. Moreover, Quip can pull the data from various Salesforce orgs into a single view of the customer. There is no more double data entry and data gets synced automatically to Salesforce. With Slack Connect the sales team can have the entire team and customer stakeholders in one place. The Quip Slack huddle allows the sales team to find any details in a few minutes only. With everyone on the same page, it is time to move forward the deal to the negotiation stage. When work flows the revenue grows. 

You can do the following with Salesforce and Quip:

Advance Your Ideas to Quip Docs

Create a Quip document by using the Slack-slash command. Here work gets discussed in context and carried out. 

Share the Quip Docs in Slack

Use the Slack Channels by pasting links into your Quip document to securely share them with your team. It helps to work closely with your team members. 

Get Notified of Changes

The changes made in the Quip document get notified to you. It helps to preview what your team had done and then take the necessary action. 

Use Native Apps 

Quip’s native desktop and mobile apps help you to work with lightning speed. The native desktop app even covers you when you are offline. 


Slack allows you to effortlessly collaborate with your team connecting you to the people and things you use every day. The Salesforce and Slack integration allow you to interact in real time between Slack and Salesforce Chatter, improving team collaboration and productivity while optimizing searches across platforms. Quip is a strong collaborative tool assisting sales teams in staying aligned and closing more deals.

Quip for Slack is changing the way we work. Smart companies overcome the universal challenge of working together, from anywhere by using Quip and Slack. The combination helps to improve the productivity of your team.


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