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Key Highlights And Takeaways From Dreamforce 2022

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A valuable opportunity of a Lifetime – Dreamforce, the biggest event of the year, is packed with various opportunities to help your business grow, innovate, and stand out from the competition. Dreamforce is much more than an amazing event; it is not only just good in 2022 but astonishingly great this time!

The biggest announcements made by Salesforce in Dreamforce 2022, from September 20 -23, are the Salesforce Genie customer data platform, a preview of Slack’s canvas feature and the open beta of the rebuilt, a Slack that is more modular in nature, and the Net Zero Marketplace.

This year the conference was the first adequately held in-person customer and partner conference since 2019 and also online in San Francisco. It is a place where the partners and the users gather to get updates on the latest product innovations. And the executives can preview the direction where the company is headed. The entire conversation for this event centred around Slack Canvas and Salesforce Genie.

Salesforce co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor showcased Genie, the real-time harbinger of the post-pandemic new normal. Benioff said, “We are now the world’s biggest enterprise applications company.” 

In this post, we will cover the highlights and the key takeaways from Dreamforce 2022. Let us go straight into these key highlights and takeaways. 

Key Takeaways And Announcements From Dreamforce 2022:

What are the Key Highlights and Takeaways from Dreamforce 2022?

The highlights are as follows:

Salesforce Genie 

Salesforce revealed it is a real-time customer data platform, Genie, in this year’s Dreamforce 2022.

Genie is based on Hyperforce Salesforce public cloud infrastructure. It helps to assimilate and store real-time data streams at a vast scale and then unite them with transactional data. It is possible to bring data from various sources like mobile, web, and application programming interfaces (APIs), legacy data using MuleSoft, a subsidiary of Salesforce, historical data from proprietary data lakes, and other means, as per Salesforce. 

A unified customer profile record is created by this platform, which is called a graph, and actions are allowed on these graphs throughout customer 360 and also in custom applications, AppExchange, etc. 

Genie applies to Salesforce Sales Cloud helps the sales reps to get advice from Salesforce’s AI platform, Einstein, while on customer video and sales calls. 

Genie applies to Service and Marketing Cloud as well. Genie for Service Cloud enables the service reps in the contact centre to offer proactive service and enhanced resolutions of customer issues. 

So far as Marketing Cloud is concerned, Genie is beneficial in rendering personalized messages per customer activity. Genie for Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers benefits in the form of adaptability of customer actions related to website or app.

 Finally, Genie in Tableau helps monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like case spikes, web traffic, and sales and purchase-related data. 

A Brand New Slack Canvas

Slack Canvas, a new surface meant for Slack customers, will arrive next year. It helps your employees to curate, organize and share the resources. As per Salesforce, it offers a single place for status updates and finding important information. There are many use cases that are possible with Slack Canvas, like finding customer accounts and handbook information. 

Moreover, users can view previews of user-shared text, videos, and images. Playing video on canvas without leaving Slack is also allowed. Furthermore, the user can instantly use the information in other Salesforce products in the form of embedded workflows and updated information. One can pull data to Canvas. Finally, any message from any Slack integration is available on Canvas. 

Improved Version of Slack Huddles GA

Salesforce has unveiled an enhanced version of Slack Huddles, which allows your workforce to reach out to each other with the help of audio, video, and multi-person screen sharing. This version, according to Salesforce, will roll out in the next few weeks.

The number of participants varies with the plan, from 50 with a paid one and 2 with a free one. These are available on the Slack desktop and Mobile App Plus for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Re-engineered Slack in Open Beta Version 

As of now, this is available to developers in open beta form. Modular Architecture was used in rebuilding Slack to help build on top of a collaboration application. It has a new command-line interface (CLI) and software development kit (SDK). In addition to these features, it has a link trigger feature that allows developers to share workflows from anywhere in Slack. 

A library of open source templates, socket mode local development, and an easier way to store and manage data are included in the new CLI.

The developers can use on-premises-friendly features and more familiar SDKs in the new open beta version supporting the Slack Bolt framework. 

Salesforce has stated the benefits of saving valuable time by constructing automation to close deals, launching campaigns, and others. 

Some features will only be available at an additional cost, but others are now available in the existing subscription plan. However, Salesforce did not clarify which features are part of the paid plan. 

Net Zero Marketplace

Salesforce has come up with its Net Zero Marketplace in Dreamforce 2022. This will be available in October in the US but will come to other countries in 2023. 

If a company fulfils its net zero commitments, this is the marketplace to sell carbon credits for them. It also offers third-party rated carbon credits and an e-commerce portal to buy them. 

At the time of launch, not all projects will have third-party ratings. More than 70 projects across 11 countries have official third-party ratings.  Carbon Credits integrates with Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce’s Carbon Accounting Service.  

Final Thoughts 

The Genie platform for real-time CRM is too good to be overlooked. The leadership at Salesforce appeared highly confident about this new product. The tweet from Marc Benioff only confirmed this. 

The conference of this year returned to some kind of normalcy. There was a family reunion among the Salesforce Ohana where people had not met each other for the past three years and enjoyed boisterous moments. 

The expert team at Cloud Analogy with CEO Ajay Dubedi also participated and had unforgettable moments of fun and learning experience. It’s had been a great pleasure to meet fellow Salesforce enthusiasts and Trailblazers. From inspiring sessions to learn, connections to make, and a lot of fun – Dreamforce 2022 has really nailed it!


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