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AirCall Integration With Salesforce

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AirCall can be used to add call center capabilities to Salesforce by centralizing phone operations by using a single interface and using Salesforce data to give context to Aircall interactions.

This integration helps you to improve your productivity. The Salesforce and Aircall integration is available only for Aircall Professional Plan and Salesforce accounts on Enterprise or Unlimited Plans

Aircall’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Salesforce Lightning & Salesforce Classic empowers your support agents, sales reps, and the entire team to streamline their workflows and increase productivity.

In this post, we cover the benefits of integrating Aircall with Salesforce, the steps for integration of Salesforce with Aircall and Aircall Plans, and the limitations of Aircall Integration.  

Benefits of Integrating Aircall with Salesforce

  1. Consolidate Your Workflows

Sales teams can now handle all their calls directly in Salesforce without jumping back and forth from phone to CRM. Make outbound dials and receive inbound calls without ever-changing screens. Save call recordings and different call data to any Salesforce object to automatically trace each caller’s history.

2. Enhance Client Satisfaction:-

Manage all your Client communications in one place with our Salesforce phone integration. When all your Client dispatches are in one place, tracking and following up with commands and leads is easier for your sales team.

3. Inflexibility

Do not gamble on call quality, or expose to data loss by working remotely in the field. Our iPhone and Android mobile app can be used to keep your Salesforce data up to date, no matter where you are.

4. Automate Reporting for Better Team Performance

Excellent reporting means better team performance. Our flawless integration lets you fluently manage data across all Salesforce Objects, including leads, contacts, accounts, cases, tasks, and activities.

Gain in-depth insights from every call and across your team by connecting  Aircall data to your Salesforce dashboards or by using our pre-built reports. Use our call trailing and custom field features to customize your team’s reporting to your distinct business.

5. Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Skip the busywork and let Aircall’s phone system automatically sync call data and trigger your next workflow steps. Integrate with Salesforce to automatically route inbound and outbound calls to the right person, in real-time.

Have you missed calls? Quickly produce cases for missed calls and voicemails to ensure agents can deliver timely responses and enhance your customer experience.

6. Improve Productivity

Time is critical when you call prospects or close deals over the phone. The integration between Salesforce and Aircall offers many features to save your precious time like omni-channel capability, interactive voice responses (IVR), Insight Cards, and Click_to-call. . 

Steps for Integration of Salesforce with Aircall

Step 1:-  We begin in the Aircall dashboard where we are going to select the integrations tab.

Step 2:-  Then Click Install your first integration, and hit Salesforce.

Step 3- Click on the Install Integration button.

Step 4:- Click on the Authorize button to connect to Salesforce.

Step 5:-  We select which numbers we want to associate with this integration. 

Step 6:-  Select the environment for installation of the Aircall package in Salesforce Org.

Step 7:- Install the CTI(The CTI allows your team members to make calls from directly inside their Salesforce view). Click the Install CTI button.

Step 8:-  Choose the org where you installed the Aircall CTI and then select Install for All Users.

Step 9:- When your CTI is installed then back to the install page and Click on Configure CTI Button.

Step 10:-  Go to the Quick Find box and search the Call center and click on Call centers.

Step 11:- Select Aircall CTI for Salesforce and scroll down to manage call center users.

Step 12:- Click add More users and add only one User.

Step 13:- Enable your AirCall CTI via the Softphone Layouts as shown in the below figure. 

  • Search for Call Center in the Quick Find box 
  • Click Softphone Layouts
  • Click on New, add a Name and click on Default Layout and Save it. 

Step 14:-  Enable your Salesforce app to display the Aircall CTI

Please note that our App Aircall in Lightning is formerly configured with the Utility Bar. Follow these ways should you wish to enable the Aircall CTI in another one of your Salesforce Apps.

  • Go to Setup home
  • Search App in the Quick Find box
  • Click on App Manager
  • Edit the Salesforce App you wish to have the Aircall CTI displayed for your Team
  • Click on Utility Bar
  • Click on Add button and select Open CTI Softphone
  • Change the Label to the name according to you.
  • Change the Utility Bar Alignment to Mirrored to have the CTI show on the right side of the screen rather than the left side
  • Click on Save Button and then click on the Done button.

Step 15:- When you complete all the steps then come to the last step for Access to the field Level security setting. Click on the Open Salesforce settings and enable the visible setting for all profiles.

When you enable the visible setting for all profiles then click on the finish button..

Congratulations you fully set up the Aircall Salesforce integration!!!.

Aircall Plans and Limitations of Aircall Integration

Aircall has three plans:- 

1-Essential (30$/ User).

2-Professional (50$/User).

3-Custom (Customized package aligned with your business needs).

Limitations Essential(30$/user) Professional(50$/User) Custom(Call for details)
Number of Users 3 3 Depend on Business needs
Maximum Number Of Teams 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Phone number included in the plan Toll-free or 1 local Toll-free or 1 local Toll-free or 1 local
Price of each additional number per month $6 $6 $6
Internal calls & Inbound calls (Toll-free excluded) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to Call Recording Up to 1 year Unlimited Unlimited
Salesforce Service Cloud integration No Yes Yes
Salesforce Sales Cloud integration No Yes Yes
Access to API developer support No No Yes
Live Feed  No  Yes Yes
Advanced Analytics No  Yes Yes
Custom Analytics No  No  Yes
Prioritized Customer Support No  No  Yes
Call center capabilities to Salesforce are added by Aircall by centralizing phone operations in a single interface and using data in Salesforce to give context to Aircall interactions. Salesforce integration is possible only through Aircall Professional plan and Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Plan. Aircall’s Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic helps your support agents, sales reps, and the entire team to streamline their workflows and improve productivity. The integration can improve productivity with features like Aircall automatically logs calls for every call made, missed, received, or sent to Voicemail on Contacts, leads, etc. customize call workflow in Salesforce, etc. 

If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, then improve the productivity of your sales reps and streamline workflows with Salesforce integration with Aircall. Get in touch with the expert team of Cloud Analogy, and entrust them as your valuable Salesforce integration partner to offer top-notch Salesforce Integration Services to cut costs and better manage assets. 


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