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Salesforce Work.Com AT A Glance

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The unprecedented pandemic has affected millions of professionals over the world. People were eventually compelled to move to remote work or work from home, with every non-essential workplace closing and going virtual. But, at this point, the most crucial question is when we can return. Salesforce’s latest invention aims to assist enterprises in answering this issue. To address this concern, Salesforce launched the platform, loaded with specially built tools, solutions, and resources to help businesses and communities safely and quickly reopening workplaces. This tool can be beneficial for top Salesforce Consulting firms re-skilling personnel and responding rapidly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.’s scope is astounding, especially since it was never in the development pipeline before the COVID disruption. Here’s a rundown of what is, including its vast features.

What Is is a collection of essential business products designed to assist businesses in their return-to-work-ready journey. It is the second step in Salesforce’s reaction to the COVID-19 problem, following the introduction of Salesforce Care in the aftermath of the outbreak to provide a set of tools free of charge for 90 days during the pandemic’s early phase.

Returning to a new normal will be difficult. However,’s mission in Salesforce is to ensure that organizations have the tools they need to accomplish so while also considering employee, community, and stakeholder safety. 

Features Of’s features address a variety of aspects of this emerging new method of working in the office. So what are some of the applications that will be available through Let’s take a closer look at this. 

Workplace Command Center

Suppose you work in the C-Suite or manage a facility. In that case, we can reasonably assume that you and your team are analyzing a deluge of data to determine your staff’s return-to-work readiness based on various advanced indicators. The Workplace Command Center is a single-pane-of-glass interface. As a result, business leaders can manage all complexities associated with business resumption, such as evaluating return-to-work readiness across locations, employee welfare, visitor tracking, making data-driven business decisions, and efficient communication. 

Source: Salesforce

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a technique that allows for the safe manual tracing of contacts to observe their possible exposure and interactions. The software collects data on users’ exposure to other people and their location and can help safely and securely reduce the spread of COVID-19. This feature can assist business managers in compiling employee health-related data to create an individual or team health report. One can even track employee interactions with other sick individuals in the office and other locations and prompt follow-up actions such as testing and quarantine.

Source: Salesforce

Emergency Response Management

The emergency response management module includes several features that help with communication, reporting, tracking, treatment, incident management, and recovery planning. This information aids manager and emergency responders in prioritizing and stabilizing relief efforts and resolving service requests more quickly. With the help of this feature, business managers can create automated workflows to take action depending on employee well-being. Also, it will enable users to create user-friendly dashboards to generate insights filtered by various workplaces and locations. Moreover, you may create and send personalized health check surveys to gather employee wellness information and track trends by linking it to the workplace command center.

Employee Wellness 

The employee wellness module enables the company to collect and monitor health and well-being data. It can send surveys to employees to collect wellness data, which can then be filtered by region and office location. Business managers may use the Emergency Wellness feature to create and deliver customized health check questionnaires. It will enable them to gather employee wellness status and track wellness trends by connecting it to the workplace command center. Furthermore, user-friendly dashboards and automated flows can be created based on employee wellness. 

Shift Management and Planning

The most challenging issue for employers right now is to reopen their firm and renovate their working environment in a way that maintains physical and social distance. Businesses can use the Shift Management and Planning software to simulate site capacity, optimize team schedules, and stagger arrival times, assuring business continuity while preventing crowding in common parts of the site. In addition, employers can use the Shift management and planning module to understand safe workplace capacity and designate which employees will work on specific projects and days. It will even assist employees in specifying availability, seeing and confirming shifts on their phones, and receiving work schedule notifications.

Conclusion will assist with the transition to the new normal by providing tools, relevant data, and real-time insights. It will aid businesses in their fight against the pandemic while keeping the safety of their employees, communities, and stakeholders in mind. The platform, a Salesforce product, focuses on three areas of employee engagement: alignment of the team and personal goals with corporate goals, motivation through public acknowledgment, and real-time performance feedback. Moreover, Customer 360 powers the complete package, which is built on the Salesforce platform. Therefore, to get back to growth, Salesforce App Development Company, employees, and business managers can utilize for their organization. 

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