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Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Truth

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Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has introduced Customer 360 Truth at Dreamforce 2019, an enhanced set of data and services to integrate all your application data. The new feature will enable companies to build a single source of truth across all of their customer relationships. Customer 360 Truth integrates data across Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce to build a single Salesforce ID for each customer.

The goal here is to have all customer data in one place and build a deep understanding, create a personalized marketing journey, and predict the best sales opportunities based on the acquired knowledge.

Customer 360 Truth improves data management across Salesforce applications and other systems and provides immediate access to consistent and relevant customer data. 

The latest iteration of Customer 360 services include:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager: Provides you with the ability to access, connect, and collect the data of customers across Salesforce and other data sources using the canonical data model and single Salesforce ID that represents each customer. With a click-based UI and data management, administrators can easily make reliable connections between data sources to prepare, match, reconcile, and update their customers’ profiles. 
  • Salesforce Customer Identity: Resolve sign-in problems and provide a single, trusted, and secure connection between customers and all company websites, eCommerce stores, mobile applications, and related products. Instead of having separate logins and profiles, customers now can have a single unified log in for all of the company’s digital properties. Salesforce Customer Identity feature also increases trust and compliance through easy-to-use two-factor authentication.
  • Customer 360 Audiences:  Creates unified customer profiles across known data such as email addresses and first-party IDs as well as unknown data such as website visits and device IDs. It then builds customer segments and marketing engagement journeys from those profiles and provides AI-powered insights. 360 customers go beyond traditional CDP capabilities and expand the power of CRM to connect customer interactions across various touchpoints.
  • Privacy and Data Governance: Companies can collect and manage customer data use and privacy settings, as well as apply data classification labels to all data in Salesforce. Companies can easily understand what type of data they have, what clients’ data they agree to use, and how they can interact with them. These features can help customers comply with obligations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), with respect to data governance and customer consent.

This solution also includes MuleSoft’s tools to connect multiple data sources in a single view, the Cloud Information Model (CIL), an open-source model that was launched last week with AWS and Genesys.

The introduction of Customer 360 Truth comes as companies are highly dependent on big data analytics to support business decision making. In a nutshell, the Customer 360 effort produces a stronger layer of integration between Salesforce clouds. Furthermore, Salesforce 360 Truth will help companies break down data silos and deliver great and personalized customer experiences, customers expect.

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