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Get to Know More About Salesforce Qentinel Pace (Copado Robotic Testing)

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Qentinel Pace is a robotic software testing platform driven by cloud-based next-generation AI. On the one hand, it transforms software development by eliminating typical quality assurance challenges, including lengthy feedback cycles, high maintenance costs, insufficient scalability, and minimal intelligence.

Robotic software testing is the future of test automation, and with Qentinel Pace, organizations can take full advantage of its potential. A highly scalable, manageable, and exceptionally productive solution that not only quickens the pace of your innovation and time to market but also gives you a complete picture of the state of your DevOps health and analytic forecasts. In complicated settings, you get strong test coverage and easy maintenance.

Qentinel Pace is now known as
It excels at both E2E business process testing and software development

Scalability, speed in challenging conditions, transparent analytics, and other features are all available through one spot – Quentinal Pace
(Copado Robotic Testing)

In this post, we will throw light on key features of Qentinel Salesforce Testing,

Steps to Install Qentinel Pace – Salesforce and Copado Robotic Test Setup in Salesforce CRM.


You have two choices regarding the testing when considering Salesforce CRM. Manual testing is the initial step. As your testing team must use conventional techniques to identify the issues, this can be time, energy, and money-consuming.

The second choice is automated testing, which uses a testing tool to examine every aspect of the system, including its unit, system, UAT, and production, as well as the regression levels

However, things are changing, testing phases are altering, and more automated AI build tests are being conducted; Quentinal Pace is an example of this form of testing – ROBOTIC TESTING.

Let us first cover the key features.

The Key Features of Qentinel Pace (Copado Robotic Testing)

  • Provide hyper-scalable cloud test infrastructure that is hassle-free, ready to be deployed, and in-built. So, there is no need to worry about the maintenance and setup of the test environment infrastructure.
  • Allow you to execute many test cases covering a wide range of potential outcomes, test cases, and test scenarios, both likely and unlikely. It covers from mobile UI to User Acceptance Testing.
  • Offer frictionless setup without any requirement for heavy infrastructure and allows starting testing your org in a matter of minutes.
  • It accelerates procedures and processes, reduces the possibility of human mistakes, and lowers the likelihood that tests will be repeated to get reliable results.
  • Your experienced testers can devote their time to high-value strategic and creative initiatives to enhance your Salesforce CRM since robots are now performing tedious daily tasks. They can concentrate on creating new solutions to problems rather than managing and running current test programs.
  • Boost productivity and improve collaboration, and visualize significant trends and results in rich ways with dashboards. These dashboards can be customized as per the requirements of the clients.
  • Provide self-healing capabilities to test scripts so they don’t break up with a system change.
  • Offer application-agnostic automation platform to enable automation over and across applications.
  • Store historical data, detailed reports, etc., in a central place to be available from anywhere in the world and accessible by anyone, anywhere, with the correct permission sets.
  • Decrease the feedback time exponentially as you can execute as many robots in parallel as needed by you.

Now, let’s have a look at the steps to install Qentinel Pace-Salesforce.  

Steps to Install Qentinel Pace – Salesforce

  1. Log in to Salesforce org and goto – App Launcher.
  1. Click on View All and Tap on the button/tab – Visit AppExchange.
  1. Search for Copado Robotic Application and Install it.

Or you can also download it from Copado Robotic Testing – Salesforce.

  1. A user interface will appear and inquire about – what kind of users this application should be installed for.

  2. Select – Install for All Users.
  1. After successful installation, you will receive a mail from salesforce stating –         

         The package/application is successfully installed.

Next comes the Copado Robotic Test Setup. 

Copado Robotic Test Setup – Salesforce CRM

The steps below should be followed after the application Qentinel Pace has been successfully installed to start Copado Robotic Testing in and for Salesforce CRM.

  1. Goto (Salesforce org).
  2. Visit the App launcher and Search for Qentinel Pace App. 
  1. Qentinel App Home Page:
  1. Signup if the account does not exist:
  1. Verify your Copado account by visiting your email account.
  1. Log in with your Copado testing Credentials in Salesforce and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  2. Either investigate test suites, gain greater knowledge about Qwords, or Develop and conduct robotic AI autonomous testing on your choice o website.


Copado Robotic Testing offers the speed, coverage, and usability needed by your development teams to manage their pipelines and deliver seamless customer experiences without requiring coding.  It helps to automate end-to-end software testing in a matter of minutes. 

Qentinel Pace, an AI-driven robotic software testing platform, may help you manage issues as they arise, keep ahead of any software updates, and free up your top and experienced tester’s time to allow them to devote their time to high-value strategic and creative initiatives. 

If you want to run error-free Salesforce tests quickly, then AI-driven test automation with Copado is the correct answer.  Cloud Analogy, one of the top Certified Salesforce Consulting companies, will guide you with their valuable business advice. We provide affordable Salesforce Consulting services to grow your business in various ways and act as your trusted Salesforce consulting partner. Reach out to our expert and certified team at Cloud Analogy and start your project today.


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