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How To Raise Or Update A Case In Salesforce

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Every business wants to render quality customer service as part of its success story. The key to such quality customer service is staying focused on updating the customers on the progress of their cases. It is equally important to answer each case on time; it is possible to reassign or share cases with other agents. The case feeds enable the agents to respond to customers with up-to-date information since the case feed has communications and a history of interactions. 

Let’s explore the steps and necessary information to raise, update and manage your cases in Salesforce.

Steps To Raise, Update, And Manage Your Cases In Salesforce

Create A Case:

Step 1: Login / Sign up to Salesforce Help with the below link:

Step 2: Go to the Contact Support tab and click on it, as shown below. Select the issue, support topic, and category. 

Step 3: Scroll down to click on a tile named Create a Case, as shown in the figure below. 


Step 4: Choose which type of Support you want from these two options available, as shown in the below figure. 

  1. Salesforce Partner Program Support
  2. Product or Technical Support

Step 5: Fill in the required Case Fields and Click on Create Case.

The Required Case Fields are as follows:

  • Product
  • Topic
  • Org ID or MID
  • Instance Type
  • Write a concise case subject
  • Provide a complete description of your issue
  • In what timezone do you prefer to be contacted by Salesforce Support?
  • Severity




Check an Existing Case:

Step 1: Login / Sign up to Salesforce Help as shown in the below figure. with  this link:

Step 2: Go to the My Cases tab.

Step 3: Filter the Cases and Click on Case Number to view more details, as shown below. 



Your business can succeed in these times of a pandemic, one that has turned many companies – upside down, by delivering high-quality customer service for all your customers to stay ahead of competitors. Your business ensures quality services by updating the customers on the progress of their cases or promptly answering the case queries to ensure quality service. Service agents provide up-to-date information using the case feeds based on communications and the history of interactions. All these get achieved with Salesforce.

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