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Marc Benioff: The Czar Of Leadership And His Philanthropic Work

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Leaders are those who create an impact and leave a legacy for others to follow. They just follow their hearts and put all their energies and attention into the work they are passionate about. On the same notion, who doesn’t know about Marc Benioff? The creator of Salesforce. 

Through Salesforce, he has brought a dynamic revolution and breakthrough in Cloud Computing. The vision he has in his mind towards enlarging the frontiers of his work is next to phenomenal, which makes him different from the herd of other CEOs. 

He has touched not only the professional frontiers for profits but also made a profound impact by his work for society. When the world is struggling with this deadly pandemic and clueless on how to fight with this situation, Marc Benioff has emerged as a savior for a multitude of American Health workers. 

Let’s see how?

Producing 50 million+ pieces of PPE for the US Healthcare workers 

On Jim Cramer’s Mad Money show, Marc Benioff said that all of this began a few weeks ago when he witnessed employees in different Asian countries suffering from the COVID-19. Slowly, the deadly disease reached America and the situation became alarming within a few days. 

Benioff added that he got a call from the Chairman of the University of California, Sam Hawgood. Benioff added Hawgood told him that they were running short of Personal protective equipment (PPE), as a great number of people were coming to get themselves checked of this deadly virus. Hawgood asked if he could figure out what they could do for producing more PPE in the city.

Benioff is well known for his philanthropic work. He and his wife donated more than $135 million to the UCSF Medical center. Knowing this, Hawgood requested Benioff, the owner of the giant software company, to find an alternative for producing protective clothing for frontline health workers.

Along with the CEO of Alibaba, Daniel Zhang, Benioff brought 50 million pieces of PPE from all parts of the world and is envisioning to bring more PPE in the coming few weeks..

Ain’t it great? Your success should not be limited to yourself only. You ought to find better ways to serve society. 


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