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Midwest Dreamin 23: Network With Us At The Ultimate Salesforce Community Conference

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Time to accomplish all your dreams at Midwest Dreamin 2023!

Join our team at Cloud Analogy – a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner in the USA from the 16th to the 18th of August, 2023, to witness the most awaited Salesforce Community Conference of the year. We will be joining the Conference as its Silver Sponsor.

It is the 9th edition of Midwest Dreamin Community Conference, soon to occur in Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN, in the USA.

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Let’s look at what enthusiastic opportunities Salesforce Midwest Dreamin behold for all of us.

Where All Your Hustle Come To Rest, Midwest

Midwest Dreamin’ event offers a jam-packed conference to learn the Salesforce tips and tricks, checking out new-built applications, and the chance to network with other admins, developers, and community members. 

There will be multiple breakout sessions to attend, from intro-level to advanced, admin to developer, keynotes, expo hall to get demos from the sponsors, demo jam, HoTs / Career sessions, and networking time to learn and connect with industry-leading experts from the tech world.

Our experts at Cloud Analogy – Arun Goel, Nitish Bharadwaj, and Krishna V Ramachandran will be there to help you with any problems you might face in the given domain. We will be happy to resolve your queries and guide you to grow your business exponentially.

You wouldn’t want to miss this excellent opportunity to be part of the Midwest Dreamin Community Conference.

The Saga Of Ultimate Sessions

Midwest Dreamin Conference consists of multiple sessions to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem seamlessly.

Let’s take a look at a few of the sessions to take place in Midwest Dreamin’ event –

  1. Navigating The Journey: Building A New Salesforce Career
  2. From Salesforce Professionals to Entrepreneurs: How To Make The Leap And Build A Successful Salesforce Consulting Company
  3. Unlocking Your Career Potential With ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Job Search Process
  4. How I Built A No-Code, No-Budget Awesome Admin Job Board
  5. Fireside Chat: Real Stories About Finding Your Place In The Salesforce World

Don’t they seem impressive?

Well, this year, many more topics are to be covered in the Salesforce Midwest Dreamin Conference. Join us to experience the most impressive tech talks at the Salesforce Community Conference.

Who Will Be The Demo Jam Champion?

Many app vendors are going to have a battle on the big stage to showcase their products and grab the opportunity to win the title of 2023 Midwest Dreamin Demo Jam Champion.

Who doesn’t want to witness these epic jam sessions live? Well, we don’t!

Here are the names of all the app vendors who are going to take part in the Midwest Dreamin 2023 demo jam sessions

  • Drive Connect
  • Apsona – Simple, Reliable, Effective
  • Breadwinner
  • Copado
  • Digital Mass
  • Firmworks
  • Gearset
  • Language I/O
  • Nintex
  • Pimly
  • Revenue Grid
  • Turnberry Solutions

Together, let’s traverse through the knowledge they have to offer us in those 3-minutes of action and implement the learnings further in our businesses.

Learn From The Best

This time, Midwest Dreamin 2023 has a line-up of extraordinary speakers to take you on an amazing journey into the tech space, where you will earn and learn so much.

The name of the keynote speakers are –

  1. Cheryl Feldman: Product Manager, User Access Features at Salesforce, including Permissions and Record Access.
  2. Susannah Plaisted: Colombian – American Architect Evangelist at Salesforce

The name of a few of the speakers are –

  1. Ashlyn Waters: Product Design Architect, AppExchange at Salesforce
  2. Chelyn Briand: Salesforce Partnerships Manager
  3. Christ Valentin: Salesforce Technical Architect at Valcom
  4. Fred Cadena: Partner at IBM
  5. Jack McCurdy: Salesforce DevOps Advocate at Gearset
  6. Jason Kobs: Design Coach and Team Lead, Platform CX Evangelist at Accenture
  7. Lauren Dunne Bolopue: Lead Product Evangelist at DocuSign
  8. Mike Gerholdt: Senior Director of Salesforce Admin Evangelism at Salesforce
  9. Tiffany Spencer: CEO at Tech Forward Solutions
  10. Trish Perkins: Lead Consultant and Cheerleader at Worldstouch

So, it’s your time to learn from the best in the technology industry. Dive into the big pool of technology, cloud, and marketing with us at Salesforce Midwest Dreamin Conference.


We know what you are thinking, “I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to network with one and all.”

Well, you don’t have to!

Click on the link to book a meeting with us for the event.

Our experts specialize in Salesforce, CRM, IT, full-stack development, marketing, and more. If you need help in development, management, and marketing, look no further than Team Cloud Analogy. 

We have everything you need, from Salesforce consulting services to full stack development to top marketing and branding services.

Awaiting for what?

Schedule a meeting now to join us at the event. We will be happy to meet and greet you at the Midwest Dreamin’ event. If you are unable to attend the event, feel free to call for an e-meet. It would be our pleasure to connect with you in person or virtually.

Do follow us on all social media platforms, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to stay updated with the latest and live information from the event.

See you soon in the Midwest Dreamin 2023!


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Salesforce Principal Consultant | Chief Information Officer
An experienced professional with 5+ years of experience in consulting on and delivering Salesforce projects for mid size, large and very large customers.

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