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Salesforce Announces New Content Management System

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Salesforce has announced a brand new tool called Content Management System that is designed to deliver premium customer experiences across multiple channels.

The idea behind the Salesforce CMS is to offer a way for customers to efficiently create, manage, and deliver more meaningful content across different channels from within the family of products of Salesforce. It was suggested by Salesforce that product people and marketers should be able to create and deliver content without the help of Information Technology once the system is efficiently established.

Anna Rosenman, Salesforce’s VP of product marketing for Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce CMS, remarked the new content management system (CMS) to answer continuing demands from the customers. Anna added the customers of Salesforce have been asking for a dedicated CMS and the systems they were relying upon tend to be legacy tools that are centered around a single channel or site and difficult to use. Anna also added that the primary differentiator here is the ability to connect to third-party systems.

The Salesforce’s VP of product marketing for Community Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce CMS added a hybrid customer relationship management offers a native experience touchpoint or channel besides the flexibility to present content to any touchpoint that is built on a third-party system.

Tony Byrne, founder and principal analyst at Real Story Group, commented that Salesforce has tried content management before with Salesforce Sites but later dropped it. Tony remarked it is a huge challenge to create a sophisticated multi-channel content management system. The principal analyst at Real Story Group added it is an easy task to build a simple CMS but a much harder task to build an extensible, enterprise platform. 

Tony also commented that the built-in flexibility of the Salesforce CMS is designed to feed other platforms around things such as tracking, connections, simulation, object-oriented storage, advanced asset management (e.g., compound assets), etc.


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