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Salesforce expands the capabilities of Einstein Voice Assistant

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Salesforce has announced a series of new voice-related functionalities at its biggest tech conference,i.e, Dreamforce 2019. With the latest Einstein Voice Skills, developers and admins can create custom voice-powered apps for employees, irrespective of their role or industry. Meanwhile, Salesforce is adding new features based on natural language processing (NIP) that will help the sales and service teams better utilise call transcripts.

Einstein Voice Skills are built on Einstein Voice Assistant that was introduced last year at Dreamforce 2018, help sales representatives with routine CRM transactions such as updating customer data and examing data with charts and dashboards. 

With Einstein Voice Skills, companies can create voice-powered applications for replacing mundane data entry operations or manual navigation in Salesforce. With the simple set-up page, developers and admins can build an application for, such as updating a field or creating a task.

For example, administrators can build an app for field technicians that allow them to use a voice user interface to view customer’s service history. Admins can control how the information will be delivered to the user. Administrators can also control the channels and devices through which applications are accessed.

New voice intelligence powered by Einstein utilises natural language processing to call transcriptions that provide sales and service teams with deep insights and trends that lead to smarter and more personalised customer engagement.

The CRM giant also announced that it has integrated telephony into its Service Cloud product by introducing Service Cloud Voice. Service Cloud Voice integrates telephony inside Service Cloud, unifying phone, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time in one centralised console. At Dreamforce, Salesforce also released the Einstein Call Coaching feature for its Sales Cloud. With the Einstein Call Coaching feature, managers can see insights and trends within conversational data. 

With Service Cloud Voice, agents would be able to meet the specific requirements of customers rapidly and accurately. It provides with the ability that the agents would be able to operate a single console. It also empowers managers to recognise which conversations are needed for further assistance. 

Most importantly, Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Skills will be compatible with a wide variety of devices, from smart speakers to smartphones, either Einstein Smart Speaker, the new Salesforce Mobile App, or customers’ preferred devices. 

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