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Glimpse Of Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Features

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As summer is fast approaching, are you ready to take a deep dive into the most innovative features of Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Features? Yes, you heard that right. Salesforce Summer ’21 Release is here with a wide array of new features and functionality to help Salesforce users get the most of the Salesforce investment. 

No wonder every Salesforce release brings a lot to the table of both Admins & Developers in the backend, as well users also get UI improvements on the frontend.

In the latest Summer ’21 release, Salesforce has rolled out various new enhancements related to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Experience Cloud, Pardot, Quip, Tableau CRM, and APIs.

Without further ado,  let’s take a look at  Salesforce Summer ’21 Release features that sounds more interesting for end-users. Before that, let me share with you the Summer’21 release weekends available.

Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Date – The Summer ’21 release date will depend on your instance of Salesforce, but the main release weekends are: May 15th, June 4th, and June 11-12th.

Top Features of Salesforce Summer ’21 Release

1. Flow Updates – Salesforce brings innovative feature updates to flow in every Salesforce release, and the Summer ‘21 release is no exception here. The new features in the flow are as follows:

  • Create Multicolumn Screens in Flow Builder – With the new release, you can divide each flow screen into multiple sections and columns for creating an interactive and visually appealing layout. The Section component that is previously launched from Einstein Next Best Action and Actions & Recommendations components is now supported in the flows, helping you to arrange screen components into multiple columns effectively. 
  • Native Flow Debug Tool  –  Using the native Flow Debug Tool, you can now directly debug the Record Triggered Flows. You can simply select a Record and debug the Record Triggered Flow functionality, including Flow Path details.
  • Native Collection Sort Element In Flow Builder – With Native Collection Sort Element, you will be able to Sort Collection Variables in Ascending or Descending order. It can be used to Sort subject Record Collections, i.e., Record Collection Variables and collection of primitive data types like Text Collections. You can even decide the field to sort the collection for record collections.
  • Add Record Fields Directly In Screen Flows – You will be able to add Fields on a screen directly associated with a Record of a subject.
  • Debug Flows with Single Button – With the help of this feature, now you do not have to choose between whether to debug on the canvas or view only debug details. The flow itself will determine between the options. 

Source: Salesforce

2. Dynamic Actions Bar – With the Salesforce Summer ’21 Release, you can now easily configure a Dynamic Actions bar. You can use it for your standard and custom actions, such as setting visibility for the entire Dynamic Actions bar. 

Source: Salesforce

3. Inline Editing In Reports  – Salesforce now lets the user edit their reports inline. Even if your record is outdated, you can update specific fields such as numeric, checkbox, or text without leaving the report view. For instance, as a salesperson, if you are viewing an Opportunity report, then you can update the Probability field from the report. It will automatically refresh the report further. 

Source: Salesforce

4. Download A Dashboard Image To A File – This feature enables the user to download a dashboard as a PNG file. The downloaded image can therefore be easily embedded in presentations, documents, etc. 

Source: Salesforce

5. See Record Access Reasons In Lightning Experience – By utilizing the Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience, you can now access a particular record. 

Source: Salesforce

6. Improve Page Performance With Custom Lightning Component Analysis – With the help of the Analyze Button, sales reps can now get the insights and performance predictions related to their custom components. It comes with a specified page load time according to the devices being used. This feature will help the user to improve their page load time for a better user experience.

Source: Salesforce

7. Mass Actions In Split View – Earlier, you had to switch back to a ListView and perform mass actions. But now, one can perform them with the help of Split View. 

Source: Salesforce

8. Identify More Opportunities With Pipeline Inspection – It provides a single view of sales representatives’ pipeline. Pipeline Inspection includes opportunities and metrics that will display real changes in categories, such as close dates, forecast, amount, etc. By using this feature, one can focus on important deals and get more support. 

Source: Salesforce

 9. Native Integration For Sales Navigator – This feature includes LinkedIn Sales Navigator that can be added to the Lightning page layout. Also, it will enable the user to add InMail along with Connection Request Lightning actions. 

Source: Salesforce

10. Free In-App Guidance Walkthroughs – Now, sales reps have access to 3 Walkthroughs for free. It will enable the user to create a hands-on interactive tour that will guide them through new features. 


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