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Introduction To Salesforce Loyalty Management

Introduction To Salesforce Loyalty Management

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Customer loyalty is not a new notion, but the companies have dramatically changed since the pandemic outbreak. In both the B2C and B2B sectors, customers have swiftly adapted to the new digital scenario, where people have high expectations, and switching vendors is as simple as clicking a button. So, how to keep up with the clients?

To begin with, loyalty programmes are great tools for encouraging customers to do business with you again and again. Clients will come back and collect incentives if you reward them with personalized awards and special benefits for their purchases with your company. Also, due to the great buying experience your customer loyalty programme gives, they are more likely to take your brand higher. These brand evangelists essentially become an extension of your marketing team, driving referral traffic via word of mouth.

However, because most firms today rely on fragmented and antiquated technology that fails to create integrated experiences, setting up and operating a loyalty programme can be difficult. So, to bring everything on a single platform and assist in driving more meaningful customer loyalty experiences, Salesforce, a leading CRM development company, announced Loyalty Management. It is a new tool that allows your business to develop successful and engaging loyalty programmes while driving a good ROI.

What Is Loyalty Management?

Loyalty Management, built on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, allows your company to create and customize sophisticated loyalty programmes with clicks rather than code. It even enables flexibility and speedy deployment to meet the demands of both B2C and B2B customers across sectors. Moreover, Salesforce loyalty management will strengthen businesses in various industries, including retail, manufacturing, consumer products, travel, and hospitality.

Notably, Salesforce Digital 360, Service Cloud, and Tableau are all integrated with Loyalty Management, allowing digital leaders to create a connected loyalty experience across the whole customer journey.

Features Of Loyalty Management

  • Adaptable End-To-End Platform
    Regardless of industry, loyalty management allows you the maximum flexibility in building loyalty programmes that meet your demands. Setting up programmes, benefits, tiers, and currencies is simple in loyalty management, thanks to the user interface. The platform allows you to scale your firm as your particular needs change over time.
  • Personalized Loyalty Offerings
    To create a single view, loyalty management will help you to gather all of the customer data in one place, including purchase history, marketing interactions, and website visits. This will allow you to tailor and personalize your offerings to different groups of your member base, making them feel special. A B2B manufacturer, for example, could provide a discount to a customer who attends a product training or webinar.
  • Creates Loyalty By Providing A Single Source Of Truth
    A unified customer picture is possible since loyalty management is linked with Salesforce Digital 360, Service Cloud, and Tableau. You can also connect loyalty management to your tech stack using integration-ready APIs and connect external systems. For instance, when a customer is near a store, a merchant can improve their loyalty management programme by employing geolocation-based messages. Overall, this provides a holistic view of your customer data and a single source of truth for the loyalty experience across the organization.
  • Tracks Your Loyalty Program’s ROI
    In a simple dashboard, Tableau CRM for Loyalty Management allows you to track the performance of your programme, promotions, engagement, and member acquisition. Loyalty Management, based on real-time data, will also help your company alter programmes and paths as consumer and business needs change over time. An e-commerce business, for example, can detect when its customers aren’t spending their points and provide new incentives to redeem them.

Benefits Of Loyalty Management

  • Program Setup
    In any industry, you can set up B2B and B2C programmes. Setting up tiers, defining currencies, benefits, and all other programme structures is simple in the interface of loyalty management.
  • Administration Of Members
    Obtain a 360-degree view of member details and loyalty actions by combining data. Allow admin activities like point adjustments to be performed on individuals or in bulk.
  • Administration Of Partners
    Increase programme value, onboard cross-industry partners, and manage member reward and redemption agreement terms.
  • Management of Rewards
    Rapidly install loyalty rules depending on member activity for accruals and redemptions. Define and track member behaviours that are in line with the program’s goals.
  • Management of Benefits
    To build a connected customer experience, automatically activate activities in the Salesforce ecosystem, such as Service Entitlements or Vouchers, or push these benefits to other platforms.
  • Administration Of The Loyalty Process
    Accruals, redemptions, tier processing, point expiration, and other features can be set up and managed. To correctly manage transaction workload, configure and schedule processes.
  • Driving Promotions
    Manage targeted groups specified in loyalty management or your CDP for time-based promotions. Set up advertisements for a partner or product combinations to be delivered through the preferred channel of each client.
  • Management Of Vouchers
    To reward eligible actions, create vouchers for discounts and product or service experiences. Then, track redemptions and get voucher information from third-party systems.
  • Integrating Marketing Cloud
    Connect loyalty management to the marketing cloud for omnichannel activation by pushing segments and promos.
  • Integration Of Customer 360 Audiences
    Provide segments in Customer Audiences 360 based on any criterion and link them to dynamic promotions in loyalty management to create a tailored loyalty experience.


With an introduction to the eCommerce industry, consumers are more empowered than ever before. Companies must strive hard for their consumers, and loyalty programmes are a simple way to thank them for their commitment. Hence, loyalty management in Salesforce is a no-brainer. Furthermore, Salesforce loyalty management is a stand-alone product that can work with any existing ecosystem. So, unlock expertise in critical areas like loyalty management, increase digital sales, and make your company more data-driven.

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Salesforce loyalty management can enable businesses to give more personalized experiences, adapt loyalty programmes, and create loyal customers to help build business value. This guide is all that you need to know about Salesforce’s loyalty management program.


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